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Simple and Healthy Food

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5 months ago

Today, I am having lunch a little bit late. It is already three past twenty minutes local time. Many people prefer eating lunch between 12:30 and 1:30 PM. I don't have any rules. I eat lunch during the daytime. It depends on when I get up from bed. That means it depends on when I go to bed the previous night.

Today I wake up around 11:30 AM. Nobody has woken me up. I get up on my own.

I went to sleep very, very late the earlier night. There was no reason. I worked a few hours on the technical presentation on cybersecurity I plan to deliver on Dec 4, 2021.

I like simple and healthy food

The item is simple food made from rice and dal. It is called "Khichuri" or "Khichri." One can add a mix of vegetables. If you don't have many vegetables, only potatoes can make it quite tasty to eat.

If you can eat food without salt, you even don't have to add salt. Otherwise, add salt as per your taste. Consuming too much salt is injurious to health.

My better half (wife) prepared the food item. She generally puts a little bit of spice into it. If I prepare "Khichuri," it would be only rice, dal, and potatoes. I don't even put turmeric. I only take some salt; otherwise, I can't eat.

I see plenty of spicy food photos on social media

The Indian food blogs are famous for spicy foods. They show colorful food items which carry a lot of "curry" spices. But, Indian food is not all spicy. Some vegetarian varieties don't require a lot of spices.

Too many spices don't make food tasty.

It is the skill of the cook that makes the preparation tasty. Spices add flavors and color to the food. The delicacy of food preparation is rooted in using the optimum or minimum amount of spices.

Well, I am sharing texts about food for the first time

I dare to share my simple food of today. I am not sure if any of you would read it and post a comment. Anyway, my account seems to be auto-flagged by the platform algorithm.

Can you view my post in the notification feed?

If you can view the post, don't hesitate to share your views which will help to verify that my posts are not auto-flagged!

Disclaimer: All opinions are mine if not referred to or mentioned otherwise.

Cheers! Debesh Choudhury

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Dec 02, 2021

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Written by   12
5 months ago
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I do like spicy food but over the years, my tolerance of it has lessened for I don't eat it as often as I did.

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3 months ago