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Password, Password, and Password

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Password security is the foundation of cybersecurity, and it’s crucial in a remote work world. It’s impossible to secure your organization without first securing your employees’ passwords.

I share four steps to strengthen your password security.


Use strong passwords

Always try to use a strong password for all your online accounts.

How to make your passwords strong?

Use a long and complex password.

Never use any dictionary word as your password.

Don’t be silly like the administrator of Solr Winds and make your password as simple as “solarwinds123,” which is so simple to be guessed programmatically.


Choose a unique password for every online account

It is to be noted that the practice of using the same password for all accounts is super vulnerable. If your password is stolen, all your accounts are compromised.

Always choose a separate password for every online account.

How to manage to maintain unique passwords is a challenge. But, you have to stick to keeping unique passwords for your accounts.


Keep your passwords in safe custody and encrypted

The best way to safeguard your passwords is to encrypt the passwords. Even the hackers steal your passwords, and they can’t do any harm because the passwords are encrypted.

Unless the hackers break the encryption password, they can’t do any harm to your online accounts.


Never share your passwords via a normal channel

  • You may need to share a password to an official account with a colleague. If you need to share a password, always share it through a secure and secret channel.

  • Also, share the passwords in encrypted form via end-to-end encryption communication.

Never forget to adopt these two-level safeguards.


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Cheers! Debesh Choudhury

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Written by   12
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