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Number One Tip to Good-Bye Insomnia

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2 months ago

Insomnia is a common disease of not being able to have an ample sleep.

The problem is that the patients with insomnia may feel sleepy during the daytime, i.e., while at work, but can't sleep at night when they go to bed after dinner.

It is big suffering to remain sleepless night after night or have only a couple of hours of sleep in the early mornings.

Once I had such a problem during the early months of my doctoral research studies. I used to think about my research topics before going to bed and thought of new ideas in my research area. I spent many sleepless nights and almost discovered new ideas.

I know how spending sleepless nights can give rise to insomnia or sleeplessness.

How to get rid of insomnia

There are no sure-shot ways to get rid of insomnia. I remember taking help from a physician while dealing with my insomnia problem. The physician didn't give me any medicine. She advised me not to take slipping pills.

From my own experience, it was clear that thinking about insomnia or sleep doesn't help. Instead, one can follow habits helpful for having a good sleep.

  • Listen to soothing meditation music: Listening to soft meditation music. These are available freely. I generally listen to Indian classical music, such as sitar playing any Raag but without any percussion.

  • Avoid tea/coffee before sleeping: Never take tea or coffee just before going to bed. If you like drinking tea/coffee, have it at least six hours before going to bed. Tea and coffee contain tannin and caffeine, which can excite your nervous system.

  • Keep the mobile device switched off and away from the bed: Do you use mobile phones in your bed? It is one of the most disturbing activities for sleeping. It is advisable to keep your mobile phones switched off or in silent mode. It would be best if you also considered not keeping mobile phones near your body while sleeping. The microwaves transmitted may cause harm to your health.

  • Breathing exercise: When you go to bed to sleep, you can follow an easy breathing exercise. Slowly inhale a long breath through the nose, and then exhale through your mouth slowly. Continue for a couple of minutes. It helps to calm down and relax.

  • Read a dull subject: Do you remember the school days during the examinations? I always used to feel sleepy while reading serious academic subjects at night. If you take a book on a serious topic and try reading it after dinner and just before going to bed, it may cause your senses not to like it. When you don't like the subject, and you are also tired, you naturally feel sleepy. It will get you into sleep quickly.

Disclaimer: It is not medical or health advice. I share my experience with insomnia. If you have a real problem, please consult your house physician or any health professional for advice.


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Written by   12
2 months ago
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I often have sleepless nights but I am trying to help myself. Advices that you wrote are really good. For me, listening to the music also has calming effect and it helps me fall asleep.

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2 months ago

Hi Jelena, music is such a good thing. Music can do wonders if used properly. I appreciate your support.

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2 months ago