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What is Seen Above and the Unseen Beneath

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There are two facets to everything created on earth both the living and non-living things. This is because we live not just for ourselves alone rather we live for each one of us. In my last article, I talked about similarities and their effects on mankind. In that article, I tried to look at the need for us to take note of our uniqueness as a means to appreciate the beauty in each one of us but today, I will look at the double facets inherent in human nature. Have you ever bothered to know why most of the parts of the human body come in two’s? It may interest you to know that even animals enjoy this gift of two faceted attributes. I used to ask myself this question; how would the human physique look if there was no sign of legs or hands? Or better still, would we be addressed as humans if we only had a hand and a leg? There have been movies of alien invasions which depict the physical attribute of the aliens as something that will be described as very unpleasant to behold. Most times we see them with a very obscure head that is shaped like the head of the lizard. We also see some with bulging eyes with no form of eyelids and this makes them look very scary. Now, my question is this, how sure are we that the aliens are the true aliens?


One thing I have to know all my life is that whenever someone is mad, they tend to see sane people around them as the ones who are mad. This leads me to this very important question. What do the aliens see us as? Well, I don’t expect to get an answer from any of you because we all know that none of us is an alien. I have heard questions like; are aliens real? Where do they stay? What if they are amongst us? The answer to these questions has been given but the truth is that most of these answers are built on theories and not logic which will lead to realistic clarity. We have seen and heard of the presence of UFO (unidentified Flying Objects) which is sighted here and there in our world today but in all of these, we have not been able to have a physical and clear view of any alien or alien ship. This leaves me to wonder if we are the only people living here on earth or not. In this article, I decided to make a paradigm shift from the bone of contention to a little food for thought which will arouse our minds towards thinking critically.


What is seen above and that which is unseen beneath

Because of how we have been unable to lay hold on a concrete point that aliens exist in our world today, it has also become imperative that we look at ourselves from the point of that which is seen and the unseen. Every human has this dual facet that is hidden in them. I remembered watching an interview where Beyonce was being asked to describe how she feels whenever she mounts the stage to perform. She said that the feeling is extraordinary and she continued by saying that something takes over her which makes her do the thing she does. The presenter asked if she could describe that as being possessed. She said that she would not see it as being possessed rather she would say that her hidden persona which is in charge of her performances takes over her while her dominant self hibernates. This is exactly what happens to us as humans and most times we do not understand it.


Have you ever seen yourself doing something you could not have done? Most times we take it to be possessed but I beg to differ. The human mind is made in such a way that everything it decides to achieve will not be far or hard for it, the only thing needed is the concentration and allowing the persona that is in charge of that which the mind wants to achieve to take over at that particular moment. I understand that a lot of people will disagree with this view but I will try to buttress my point by using one instance. Have you ever asked yourself; why did I engage in this fight? To go further, I will try to illuminate more on this question.


Why did I engage in this fight?


This is among the thousand and one questions people ask when they find themselves doing or having done something which they would not have done normally. It could be fighting on the streets, arguing loudly on the streets, beating up a woman or abusing a man publicly. When this happens, the persona that was responsible for what had happened will get back into hiding just as it has always been and it will give room for the dominant persona to take over. It is at this moment that you begin to regret whatever actions you have exhibited and this makes you blame yourself for everything. Some people will go to the extent of causing themselves bodily injury out of anger for allowing the hidden persona to control them. If you are true to yourself, you will agree with me that you have in one way or the other found yourself in the scenario I described above.


We cannot overlook this glaring fact which most fake pastors have capitalized on to reap off innocent church members. This is not in any way to dispute the fact that there is something known as spiritual possession by demons or evil spirits. What I am saying in this article is that we must understand that the human mind is built just like a country that houses people from a diverse ethnic and religious group. What this means is that we are bound to witness certain actions which may surprise us at some point in our lives and if we understand this as humans, we will try as much as possible to be at alert in other not to give way to the hidden personas to take control of our physical being and actions. Don’t doubt it when someone tells you that you are acting very different. This is because you may have given room for the hidden persona to take over. Mind you, not all of these hidden persona’s are dangerous because you can remember that there are times when someone will provoke you so much that you would want to kill him/her but instantly you see yourself feeling so calm and cool with everything. The truth is that we cannot live as humans without the help of our hidden personas, the only thing we need to do is to learn how to control them. What is seen above and the unseen beneath?

I hope I was able to impact positively in your life today. I love you.


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Written by   81
1 week ago
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