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The Measurement Of Love.

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10 months ago

I could be the one who stairs you in the eyes even while you may not notice and still doesn't care. It is not because I want to use you as a mirror rather it is because every single thought that runs through my mind hinges solely on loving you and showing it.

We are living in a world filled with hate and wickedness, a world where individualism has become the order of the day. Just because you are not of the same blood you close your heart to that needy child, woman or man.

How did we get here?

How did we get to the level of not caring for even the smallest of things? Yet we live our lives as if everything is ok. Waking up every blessed day and doing the same thing without taking stock of lives we have affected positively.

Why are we here?

Are we here to subjugate those we feel we are better than? Do you think that your wealth was meant for you to enslave the poor and maltreat them because you feel you are better off?

Have you ever thought of how the world would be if every one of us decides to lend a helping hand in our small ways not minding who might be receiving the help?

You might be a governor of a state, a councillor or a president of a country, what and how have you used your position to add value to the lives of the people around you?

As a clergyman or woman, what you preach and propagate, does it go in line with what the creator of the universe wants for humans or do you spread your message the way it will benefit your pocket?

We are all called to spread love in the world not minding what we are passing through as individuals or as a people. Let our actions come from the depth of deeper love for humanity to making our world a better place.

Let the measurement of your love be seen in the way you treat that needy child, woman or man in your neighbourhood who longs for your care.

It all begins with you and me. Let's make a difference.

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Written by   154
10 months ago
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