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The Great Coming.

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1 year ago

And so the race started, it took me a while to understand why and what was chasing us. 

Could you believe that Ikem was running with us and as we were fast on our heels, I noticed a lot of people joining in this race of uncertainty

I saw the pregnant woman running with her belly as a wedge to her effort. 

Even that blind man that stays by the gate did not understand what was happening but as they say, it is better to be far from it than to be there when it happens, he ran as fast as he could but his legs were unable to give him Sight.

The funniest part was that the mad man that stays in the market square, always chasing people around was seen standinglaughing and not running away from this impending doomCould it be madness or is it because he has been running everyday?

Help!.. help!.. that was what he was shouting. Oh the life of a crippled man. Now I understand why they say that an announced battle does not eat the head of a cripple.

These and many other things were buzzing through my mind as I was scampering for shelter.

Even in all our effort we couldn't run away from its heavy stamping boots.

Oh! what a day of wetnessIt's thundering and clapping sound echoed so loud in our ears.

Yes it rained cat and dog, but for every man his share was limited to how fast he ran for shelter.

It rained, yes it rained.

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