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I had one too many.

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1 month ago

The life of a musician is most times misunderstood by others or completely seen as wonderful and sweet but beneath the smiles lies a great deal of pain gotten from stress. I know we have a lot of musicians on this platform and I believe they will understand better. Well, I am not here to talk about my life as a musician because that will certainly be too lengthy and might end up making me not talk about the major thing I want to discuss in this article.

Having said that let me ask us this question. Have you ever had one too many? Some persons may be finding it hard to understand this question therefore I will try to break it down a little. To have one too many simple means to consume something especially alcohol more than your brain can hold and this starts with just a sip, shot, glass or even a bottle. Going on further, this happens when you might have decided that you will not drink more than a bottle or glass but as the party goes on, you see yourself taking more than one sip, glass or bottle.

What I am about to tell you is how I fail into that temptation of taking one too many just because I allowed myself to flow with the vibe of the party. I believe you now understand what I mean by having one too many. I would like to apologise to all my friends especially those I did not visit their article since the day before yesterday, it is not intentional and I am so sorry. I was highly overwhelmed within those days. Thank you for your understanding. Please smile for me🤣😂😂…

 I had one too many


Ok, let me break the whole story to you. Just like every other Sunday, I was out with some friends after performing on an occasion where I was invited by a friend. Please don’t ask me how much he paid me because I won’t tell you…😂🤣😅 laughs… After the event, he asked me to follow him with some of his friends just for us to get to know ourselves better. At first, I was hesitant because I wanted to go home and rest because of the stress of the day.

I have always tried so much not to miss having my siesta on Sundays after church service but the truth is that I hardly meet up with it. So when my friend was kept on persuading me to come with them, I had to succumb to it. Just for you to know, the life of a musician is built on people and connections. This was why I had to follow them who knows, I might get an endorsement or even a contract to perform somewhere else.


When we got to the lounge, we all sat down and before I could say, Jack, the bartender was already on our table ready to take our orders. In my mind I was contemplating on just taking water or any non-alcoholic drink but lo and behold, my friend made an order for me and this is because he already knows my brand when it comes to alcohol. I could not say anything. Truth be told, I did not want his other friends whom I am meeting for the first time to think I am trying to pretend or anything. When the bartender returned with our orders, everyone became busy with their drink. I guess some of you will understand how it feels to gulp a mouth full of chilled beer after a long day. I felt some kind of renewal within me but somewhere inside of me, I told myself that I will not drink more than a bottle.


As we got engulfed in proper introductions which lead to a discussion about life, personal experience on certain issues especially relationship matters. Before I could understand what was happening, I was already on the second bottle which I could not tell when the order was placed but all I saw was the bartender coming to our table with another round of drinks.

A part of me still whispered to me saying; don’t take more than two bottles. As we continued in our discussion, I felt it won’t be nice if I don’t get to bring something to the table. I called the bartender and made an order for fresh fish pepper soup… hmmm… I did not know that that was my undoing. Within the next one hour, I still heard a part of me saying; don’t take more than three, this was because we were already in the third round and still counting. I just could not imagine how a part of me will be whispering to me and yet, another part of me became very adamant.


By the time the fresh fish pepper soup was served, I was already holding the fourth bottle and it was not just me, we were all I the same pace. This continued till when we all became aware of the fact that we have consumed even more than we could imagine. The truth is that when you hang out with friends with great vibes, you will do certain silly things you may not necessarily do when you are alone. I think that was the reason why we were all going and not stopping. But something happened and that was when it dawned on us that we needed to stop and get going. It was just in a splash and thank God I was not seating close to the guy if not my whole body would have been baptised with vomit. Urgh…


One of us threw up just as we were talking, but this time around with increased volume or should I say that we were shouting. It was a messy sight to behold especially the guy who was seated by his left hand. His body was baptised with the guys vomit and if you have ever vomited after drinking alcohol, you will know that the smell is very unpleasant.

The guy did not just vomit he fell off from his chair because his legs could not carry his tipsy body. That was when it became very paramount that we stopped. The other guy who was baptised with vomit was just speechless but the bartender directed him to the convenience where he could try and clean up the mess on his cloth.


I had to take my leave because it was already getting to 9 pm and because I have not gotten home since I left the house in the morning, I had to rush out of the lounge after bidding the other guys farewell. If anyone had told me that by the end of that day that I would have consumed over five bottles of alcohol, I would not have believed it. This happens when you have one too many to consume. I will surely not forget the face of the other guy who was baptised with vomit. He was completely confused about the whole thing.

From what I later gathered from my friend about the other guy that fell, he took him to his own house to pass the night because I said I could get home on his own. No matter how sweet you might find alcohol to be, please do not drink one too many. No your gauge and don’t try to impress anyone.


Davinchysax loves you.

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Written by   146
1 month ago
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I really did enjoy your account of this, I've thankfully never been in a position where I have been sick from it though. If I have the one too many I end up with my whole head spinning and I just need to lie down. I hate that feeling so I make sure I don't do it.

With some types of alcohol it doesn't matter even if I have one or two, I get such a thirst that no matter how much water I drink it is never enough. I feel like I could drink everything in the tap but all it does is fill my stomach up and doesn't actually stop me being thirsty. It's been a long time since I had one too many, thank you for reminding me of it and I doubt I will be doing it again any time soon!

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1 month ago

It's best to know what works for us when it comes to the consumption alcohol. One mistake can bring us lifetime embarrassment...

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1 month ago

I can imagine the scenario 😂 my friend once got drunk and vomited on the bed we shared. For days i shy away from sleeping on that same bed😂.

Self control is key. Though it's tempting, one should learn not to take too much

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1 month ago

I believe in taking the quantity the brain can control.. Just as you said, self-control is key.

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1 month ago