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What if Walmart invest in Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

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1 year ago

Walmart is the richest company in the world, they just invested in Bitcoin Cash and everyone is trying to sink it in.

It's a normal day, you awake and decide to watch television, you come across something very interesting and its CNN channel talking about Bitcoin Cash. The CCN lady is speaking saying "Walmart one of the biggest companies in the United States is now showing interest in Bitcoin Cash"

Immediately after seeing this you quickly get your credit card to buy some Bitcoin Cash knowing that the value is about to skyrocket. But not everyone believes the news at all. Many people that heard the news are saying why Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin.

News media begin to question the Walton family who is the owner of Walmart why they have decided to invest in Bitcoin Cash. 10 days after the rumors that Walmart is about to invest in Bitcoin Cash, the CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon gets interviewed by CNN and CCN.

In the interview, he is asked why did the company decide to invest in Bitcoin Cash. He replies saying: "Bitcoin Cash is a better alternative to use when we think about the fees and speed of Bitcoin Cash I would say our customers would have a good experience." after the interview which was streamed on live television the value of Bitcoin Cash started to skyrocket and it's now very clear that this is not fake news. A lot of top news media begins to talk about Bitcoin Cash which begins to increase its popularity drastically.

60 days after the interview with Walmart CEO Bitcoin Cash is now supported in 11,510 locations around the world. Anyone can now shop in Walmart various locations using Bitcoin Cash, not only that 11,510 locations now support the buying of Bitcoin Cash which is something fantastic. A lot of YouTube now start creating content on YouTube of them shopping in Walmart using the Bitcoin Cash currency and it quickly becomes a trend. Let's also not forget that the Walmart website also has thousands of sales, visitors daily, and Bitcoin Cash is also supported on the platform.

Bitcoin Cash would quickly become one of the most known cryptocurrency in the world making people question what is Bitcoin Cash. YouTubers would also create quality content answering the question of what exactly is Bitcoin Cash.

90 days after full integration of Bitcoin Cash in Walmart other companies would now see loads of attention Walmart is having and would decide to Integrate Bitcoin Cash with its systems.

Bitcoin Cash would now become one of the biggest peer to peer cryptocurrency in the market as many people would own Bitcoin not just for an investment but to use it in their every day lives.

What would Walmart investment means to the BCH community?

The BCH community has about $650,000 and that number could quickly change to $2,000,000. There would be a lot of money to pay the BCH community writers, which would lead to more users of Bitcoin Cash. Let's hope the funds increase to $1000 per day as the difficulty of getting a decent amount for your article would increase.

Why would Walmart need Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is becoming popular every day and would soon see is a spike in popularity. If Walmart wants to decide on a cryptocurrency to integrate with its service they would either choose Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. But here is the reasons why they would choose Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is faster and has a lower transaction fee. These 2 features I mentioned above companies like Visa and Mastercard only have a fast transaction. Visa card has fast transaction but the fees can be very high on some ATMs. Customers would have the best user experience if they can pay with a low fee and a super-fast transaction.

This article/story was inspired by the question of what if Walmart allows Bitcoin as a payment method. The chance of this happening is very decent. A lot of company is now using cryptocurrency you would easily be able to shop online using a cryptocurrency-powered credit card which was practically impossible 7 years ago. The growth of many cryptocurrencies has seen a surge and we should be expecting the rise of Bitcoin Cash soon.

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Written by   102
1 year ago
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bullish yeah

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1 year ago

That sounds so good even if it's not true still feel like real I really wish one of the things said by you comes true one day and we see higher funds and our BCH to the moon 💚


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1 year ago