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1 year ago

# I can feel the heat of the phrase, "Your faith is weak." The word was uttered to me by a man whose words and attire testified to his being a true Muslim. I have gone so far as to kill myself. But last time I was stopped, who stopped me? God has ... Yes! Allah you may be wondering how Allah stopped how do you know? He recited this verse to me:

Do you think that you will go to Paradise, when there has not yet come upon you the like of what befell those before you? They said, "When will God's help come Listen, God's help is near."

Then this verse stopped me from choosing a wrong path (Alhamdulillah). After that my prostrations became longer and my words with Allah became deeper. I began to understand my mistakes which I had never made mistakes. Taught me to fight with my soul. Now I will never lose like this, in fact Allah did not let me lose. Now I am so calm that when Allah will ask me to fight myself in this situation, I humbly bow my head and say that I will be able to say that Allah could not win, but with your help I have completed the effort.

But ...

I read the phrase "your faith is weak" whenever I hear it, even if it is being said to someone else, I go back to the place where I could hardly get out and then it took me a long time to recover. Goes

I urge the strong believers not to attack anyone's psyche so that the words spoken in your strong faith do not kill anyone and in the hereafter someone's murder will be written in your account.

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No one have a right to utter such a harsh and cruel statement. No one knows what is their inside the heart. The belief and faith is latent in their deep down, becoming blunt. No one can understand except The ALMIGHTY ALLAH. ♥

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1 year ago