The Demon Report 11.29.21

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Texas teen arrested after shooting, killing his own mother: police

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): 15-Year-Old killed his mother, no reason given. He did confess to it without provocation.

Demon Level: 10 - Anyone that can kill a parent has something inside them. There's a story, but this is so demonic.

Smash-and-grab robberies hit stores around the country on Black Friday


BLUF: Smash and Grab robberies have plagued the holiday shopping season all around the country, resulting in thousands of dollars lost for retailers.

Demon Level: 8 - It seems there is a joint effort by several minor demons in this escapade of chaos. I believe they're being controlled by one major demon.

Paranormal Investigators Believe There’s a Demon in the White House


BLUF: The headline says it all. "Premiering on Discovery+ on Nov. 26, Shock Docs: Demon in the White House strives to paint 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the haunted home of a demonic presence. According to the talking heads participating in director Brook Linder’s “documentary,” this makes sense because no residence is as secretive as the White House, and secretive places are obviously hotbeds of paranormal activity."

Demon Level: Undetermined. Proof must be presented.

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