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It is her period after all

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1 month ago

Standing in the shade of a giant cherry blossom tree, this time she won't wave him like she always did. Not because she is out of enthusiasm or something but her serotonin balance is not up to the mark. Cortisol is rising and all she feels is stress. Cramps are forcing her to put her arm around her belly and its a sure thing she cant greet her soulmate.

Her face is grumpy, her walk has a broken aura to it and all she does is ponders over her body's irritably unique functioning. For the rest of the days, he would talk to her arguing, mocking, laughing and both exchanging a million weird things. But now, he is careful as the lioness may tear him any moment he crosses the line. All he does is asking stuff. Are you all right is what he has asked for a millionth time now and guess what it irritates the lioness too. She is like, its not something new, we go through this every month and still u react like a jerk every time. Both of them know what's going on still they are strangled with an expression of uneasiness every time this happens. Not every moment but just when he feels helpless and she is on prime of her cramps.

His preparations are worth mentioning here. He always remembers her dates. He is like a monthly alarm for her. Whenever she is expecting, either he tells her or she asks. He always brings some chocolates on first day when she is under them. If not the first day, he manages till she loses hopes. He tries to be considerate and icy cool to her who has gotten fiercely hot like sun due to her natural phenomena. He believes in the ideology that a gentle massage to her belly with his hands would be paradise to her but has not accomplished his dream yet. So he tells her to rely on hot bag against the cruel pain in her cycle. He sure dreams of bombarding her with intensified feelings of love and lots of necessities whenever it will happen in future when both of them will be living together.

Her mental state as per my perception is a abyss of thoughts. Also, she can't control her feelings like the normal days. She is more prone to emotional breakdown, thinks a lot, needs attention, demands more love than ever but she won't ask for any of this. Either she will bang his head or she will rely on her chance to take it out. All she wants is a little compensation for what is happening to her. It is not wrong for her to think of it as a mutual responsibility and not just her own because it is happening to her. He can surely take his time off video games, give her more attention even if both of them are off to work, a text or a humble call would not kill him. One thing is always constant though, she tries to maintain a balance constantly if not like other days but she tries her level best. All because she respects his life and believes in striving together. When he was not there, it was all of her own but now since they are one, she gives it all to act like one be it joy or sorrow or natural processes.

Its been 6 days already. She is returning to normal now. This time too, they lived harmoniously like all the other times. He succeeded in making her believe in their combo's prowess. She is joyous today. She bathes away the last blood of agony. She is mentally sound, ready for daily challenges and nothing is leaking out of her for god's sake. They both shared lovely good morning texts already and she is all set to leave for work. She is again waiting for him under their meeting spot, blossom tree. On his first sight she jumps up with innate peace. Every bit of hers is dancing to a song of their unity and this time she jumped and waved with all she had.

Thanks for reading<3.

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Written by   33
1 month ago
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