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you interested in $ or crypto ?

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1 week ago

It's quite a simple question, whats the most important thing to you ?

What is it you want from crypto currency ?

Why are you here ?

You want the value to magically rise for absolutely no reason ?

The crypto "market" is 100% bullshit. Utility means nothing. The only thing that matters in the crypto "market" is rinsing gullible fools of their paper.

The clue is in the name crypto currency, crypto c u r r e nc y.

It's not called digital gold, it wasn't made to be a "asset" for billionaires to pump and dump.

Bitcoin,the crypto currency is being suppressed just like it always has been, satoshi gave us the tool to hurt the banks, to hurt the super wealthy high risk, high gain trader types who brought about the financial crisis that led to the "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" and what has happened ? Well BTC got bought and turned into the very plaything of those rich traders.

BCH is the continuation of the original plan, peer to peer electronic cash, they hate that and that is why BCH gets so much bad press, because if BCH succeeds then bitcoin succeeds and the power switches from the banks to the people.

Be in this for the long run, use it as much as you can, if you can buy something using bch then use BCH, if you rebuy the BCH soon after the $ value really doesn't matter does it ?

Sell stuff for BCH, create that digital economy.

You want the real world value to increase ? Me too, but that's only going to happen if we all stop thinking that crypto is a asset to be bought and sold with the aim of making $.

Everyone needs to remember what bitcoin is, what bitcoin was, and what will give bitcoin value in the future, currency. Currency that is yours, currency that can't be stopped by a authority that wants to control your life. Currency that can't be wrecked by a government printing as much as they want.

Stop worrying about the $ value FFS because if that's what the majority of users care about then crypto is just doomed to a cycle of manipulated pump and dumps controlled by those at the very top, you may think you can ride those waves too but trust me, the little guy never wins, not unless all the little guys work together, work together sticking with the original plan, create a new currency that they control.

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Written by   5
1 week ago
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Yeah I'm interested

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19 hours ago

You're quite a writer aren't you. You see a different side to people on

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1 week ago