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Not what you want to hear.

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1 month ago

Bch currently around $1400 . That's great, it means you can buy a hell of a lot more then you could a week ago. But look, the price could drop too, I know that not what you want to hear but being realistic about crypto is better than getting sucked into hype of moon lambos thinking the price just going to constantly go up and up and up.

The doge dream is about to turn into a nightmare for easily led investers who follow hype. The smarter ones may well move over to BCH and that could well be what's driving the bch price now. One good thing to come from the doge pump is that BTC has lost its seat as the most "popular" and as it lost its utility long ago it now sits at a crossroads in my mind. Increase blocksize now and return to a useable crypto or slowly fade into obscurity. I don't think blockstream will backtrack so it's the latter.

So in the next few months I see BTC start to fall, I see lots of bad press over doge, I see maybe the whole market slide, possibly all the way to Christmas. But one thing's for sure, BCH is the best positioned crypto currency to come out of this on top. Holding true to the original idea, having cheap transactions and a ambition to be used as a currency with plenty of builders that want that to happen.

Or I could be completely wrong haha !

Only time will tell.

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