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Torum- Crypto Social Network

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I am going to begin this article by being honest with y’all- I’ve spent a considerable amount of time searching for a platform in a slew of promising blockchain projects (I am using promising pretty loosely here), that focuses on community building and the ONLY platform that comes close is Torum. So here I am, writing about it.

Torum- Over promising or Convincing enough?

First Impression

Torum is an ambitious social media project with its primary focus on crypto enthusiasts. The belief on which it's built is that Torum will serve as a crypto-ecosystem that will connect blockchain, crypto projects and communities spread across the world.

Currently, anyone can sign up on Torum with an email address (phone number optional). One does not need to possess any knowledge of the crypto space to get on board! Signing up is easy and once you're on the network you'll be able to discover and explore all that it offers (which in my opinion is pretty damn exciting- will dive into the details shortly).

The structure and interface of Torum is pretty easy to get comfortable with, it isn't too different from social media platforms like Facebook. There is a navigation bar that lists all the links for you to get going. 


One of the biggest reasons why the enthusiasm around crypto projects eventually fades is the limited utility of the tokens. The native token of Torum is XTM, a BEP 20 standard token on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) which owing to the cross chain swap feature will be available on the Ethereum network as well.

TORUM community is super supportive and active on the platform. Moreover, earning XTM for your posts is quite easy, you can start as soon as you sign up. People on the platform are warm and tend to reward good quality posts. One can earn XTM through other means like completing daily missions, referring friends to join the platform, etc. 

The Team is confident of Torum's growth and is prepared for scalability so that new features that are bound to benefit its user base can be easily integrated.

XTM and its varied use

Now we all know Torum rewards its users with XTM tokens and that Torum hopes to leverage this token's utility to garner a wide user base. The whole point of this is to continue to excite users and encourage community engagement. 
XTM has several uses which include- Promotion of posts, buying advertisements, purchasing gifts for other users on the network. Additionally, XTM shall be required for participating in Torum NFT Marketplace, and investing in DeFi services on the Torum Finance platform. 

Having said that, it is important to take note of the following-
Some of the aforementioned features have not been implemented yet. Torum is in its early stage of development and so far its growth has been noteworthy.

How to earn XTM?

The one thing I can guarantee you is that a decentralised platform like Torum is worth your time and effort as opposed to the time you spend on other centralised channels. To be honest with you, scrolling on Torum rewards you whereas scrolling on other centralised channels does nothing but help them earn advertising dollars. It's a no brainer!

I am going to write about a couple of ways (going to keep it brief - you can DYOR or go through their website -it is pretty detailed) you can earn  some XTM for yourself

  • Missions
    There are 4 kinds of mission on the platform - daily, weekly, one time and special. The first two are relatively easy and include tasks like daily logins, commenting etc. while the other two require more time and effort but they also reward better. 
    Let me let you in on a little secret - it might seem like a lot of work at first but when you start doing these tasks you realise how beautiful and informative this community is and there will come a time where you won't even feel like it's a task anymore (I think it was designed this way intentionally)

  • Content Creation
    With the intent of incentivising users and building an active community, Torum enables you to reward content creators with gifts. If you like something you see on your feed, you can reward the person and if you create something others like they can reward you. The rewards on Torum are in the form of gifts (choose the value of the reward and corresponding gift to make the creator feel special- I mean who doesn't like free crypto coming their way)

  • Community building 
    Torum offers you the ability to create a community around your idea through one of its features referred to as - clan. You can create any crypto related clan and its popularity will be directly proportional to your XTM earnings. Woohooo!


Given all of the above information (here's assuming I have given you umpteen reasons to adopt this platform), I say no harm in getting on board and earning some XTM. I truly believe that as this platform continues to grow more and more ways to use XTM will appear and you will have a definite headstart.

Also, before I end I would like to let you know Torum had an ISNO (Initial Staking NFT Offering) recently, where people could buy Torum NFT cards with BNB or XTM and stake them. This was a huge hit! (just giving you one more reason before I conclude)

Time will only tell if Torum is able to sustain this growth or like other social media platforms that advocate decentralisation, the hype around this will fade. Until then holler at me if you're active on Torum, if not use my link to sign up (the optimist in me believes Imma see you there!)

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