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CoinMarketCap Watchlist Airdrop Event

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Founded in 2013, with an extremely user-friendly interface CoinMarketCap has gained recognition as the go-to price checker in the cryptocurrency world and rightly so. It is a definitive guide for anyone who swims in the crypto waters.

CMC is constantly innovating and keeps adding features for the benefit of its users. They often launch these features through exciting and engaging contests.

The watchlist airdrop event is an exciting offering of CoinMarketCap.

CoinMarketCap Watchlist Airdrop Event!
This event renews on a monthly basis, with the current Prize Pool of 1,000 USDT every month.

Prize pool will be increased periodically.

–1st Place: $500
–2nd Place: $150
–3rd Place: $100
–4th Place: $100
–5th Place: $40
–6th Place: $30‍ 
–7th Place: $20
–8th Place: $20
–9th Place: $20
–10th Place: $20

In order to participate, create a watchlist (with a minimum of 3 tokens being tracked)- convert your watchlist to public- solve the CMC quiz (again part of the google form) and submit your public watchlist to win. Use the google forms link for submission You can also share your “Public Watchlist URL” on Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/etc).

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Thanks for this man After showing out the prices of this giveaway i will participate in this, Don't worry man we are here just for you,if you want any help contact me

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