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A Bitter Truth

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2 years ago

I came to the hostel a few days ago. I cried evenly that day and also I had cleaned the room. There was no room to stay in the room. Staying in the hostel, has gradually become habitable again.

The two roommates brought a lot of yummy food from home. I brought too. Meat, fish, some kinds of curry. The bad feeling started to subside a little bit.

The sore throat started from this afternoon. Cough with that. The roommates took a little care at first but are no longer close. I saw a kind of panic on their faces.

The evening has come and the night has come down. Now sneezing for a while. The roommates had been wearing masks in the room for so long. Suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable, they left the room.

After a while, the two came out with some books and pillows and the blanket. I understood that they would sleep in another room today.

In the morning when two of my roommates dare to come into the room, I was moaning with fever. I nodded to ask if I should be taken to the hospital.

Panic is not just among them. Even in me. I am the only one responsible for the disease I am afraid of. Even if I don't contract this disease on my own, I have to pay compensation.

But it's a hostel. It is not possible to stay like this. After a while some more of my classmates came and saw me. From a distance. I didn't notice anything, of course.

In the evening my roommates came to the room. With Rina aunt. After everyone masks. I heard that my stay in the extra room of our unit has been arranged. That room we used as a storeroom.

I no longer have the power to protest, the conscience, the will. So without saying a second word, I went to that room. Aunt Rina kindly took my books and other necessities to the room.

The next day the batch monitor came to see me. Standing outside the room, I said to come out and talk from there. If I had been in her place, I would have done the same.

So the monitor says, "You have a fever and a cough. You need to get tested. I'll contact Hostel Super Maam. Maam will send someone for a test."

I kept myself strong for so long, but now I can't. I sat there, tears falling from my eyes. I requested the monitor not to inform the teacher. My future will be ruined. All that was left was to catch the foot of the monitor.

What else will the poor monitor say! I saw a mixed reaction of helplessness and frustration on her face. She didn't say anything to maam. Anyway, I'm still a prisoner. My food goes with Rina aunt. No one else goes to the bathroom I go to. This is how the day goes on.

The problem of shortness of breath has now started. But I can't stop. I must read. And a few days later, is the test. I must pass the test for which I have risked my life, the health of my friends.

My old parents are still waiting for their child to get a job. And I'm still a student. I will fall further behind due to illness, that cannot be accepted. I am giving myself as much courage as possible that I will recover in a few days, then everything will be fine.

When I sleep at night at the end of the day's fatigue, I dream that my mother is shaking her head. Even if it is a dream, it takes a little peace. Didn't tell anyone at home about the illness. The throat becomes heavy while talking to the mother. Everything is fine. It is very difficult to act. So at the end of the talk I open my mind and cry, then if I get a little relief.

And it will take about a week. Then I will recover. Until then, I am a prisoner with little difficulty. And after 3 days the test started. The seats are far enough away. Not supposed to be a problem. The rest of the time I will be different.

I was sitting in the room. Suddenly I heard a conversation between two of my classmates. Walking down the corridor and saying, the girl who is the happiest with us, has shown signs of corona since this morning. Her roommates are very scared. Will she come this afternoon to take her sample?

Well, is the girl still smiling, or has the fear of an uncertain future engulfed her?

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Written by   213
2 years ago
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