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What To Do With Conflux Network?

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Conflux is one of the most profitable coins to mine right now and sits at 0.36$. Comflux is a Smart-Contracts blockchain and integrates the same type of building as ETH with the must that it has very low fees or even no fees at all.

One of the best known DEX in Comflux is MoonSwap, MoonSwap has it's own governance token called cMoon that sits at 0.32$ with a Total suply of only 30 million coins.

What can be done on Moonswap?

You can add liquidity to a pool like cMoon-cETH. C tokens are tokens wrapped in the Conflux blockchain, cETH is ETH in the Conflux blockchain and is pegged to ETH price always. You can wrap your ETH by sending it to ShuttleFlow and it will come out as cETH. Once you add liquidity you will get MLP. MLP is a calculated portion of your liquidity and you can stake your MLP in the cMoon farm which is giving over 90% APY. After that you are farming cMoon, you can harvest you cMoon without any fees anytime you want and every transaction in Moonswap has 0 fees.

When you harvest your cMoon you can stake it for 20% APY in MoonSwap too.

So, in conclusion, with one movement (providing liquidity) you can setup 3 different DeFi strategies that will build up your portfolio. You are earning fees with the liquidity, cMoon by staking your MLP and cMoon by staking your earned cMoon in the MLP pool. Nice don't you think?

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