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Introducing DegenMaxi (DMAX): The ultimate deflationary and reflection token on smartBCH

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3 months ago

DegenMaxi (DMAX) is a deflationary and reflection token on smartBCH created on March 15, 2022.

DMAX can be traded on BenSwap and you can monitor the charts on Dexscreener and Marketcap.

In the rest of this post, I will be sharing with you everything you need to know about DegenMaxi (DMAX) and how to maximize your gains with it.

DegenMaxi (DMAX) tokenomics

  • Total supply: 23,674,000,000

  • Prsesale: 75,000,000

  • Liquidity: ??

  • Staking Rewards: ??

  • Referral Rewards: ??

  • Reserve and burn: ??

DMAX tokenomics is designed to put tight control on inflation, maximize burn, and handsomely reward long term token holders and stakers.

CA: 0x138c0F41DfAc5783D20b4672A7511003C18d11AF

Basic features of DMAX

  • DMAX holders (💎) will receive CST as dividend automatically with every sell transaction.

  • There's a transaction tax of 13% for selling. No tax for buying.

    • 7% of the tax is used to automatically buy CST to be distributed among DMAX holders proportionally to their share of the circulating supply

    • 3% is used to finance the team, marketing, and referral program.

    • 2% is automatically added back to liquidity

    • 1% is used to buy back and burn DMAX.

  • You need to hold a minimum of 50,000 DMAX to be eligible to receive the CST reward.

Current farming opportunities with DMAX

Put your DMAX tokens to work and grow your portfolio accordingly.

Below are the currently available yield farming opportunities with DegenMaxi (DMAX) that you can take advantage of to grow your money.

Coming next is a DMAX single token staking pool on in the not so distant future.

Another potential farm we are considering is a staking DMAX to earn BCH. Once we finalize everything, you'll be the first to know.

DegenMaxi (DMAX) Presales

We will be selling a total of 75,000,000 DMAX via presales on selected smartBCH launchpads to raise more funds to boost liquidity, accelerate marketing, and kickstart DegenMaxi (DMAX) development.

The presale goal is to raise a total of 150 BCH, 100% of which would be added to the DMAX-BCH liquidity pool on selected DEXs.

We would run the presale on multiple platforms until the whole 75,000,000 DMAX is sold.

The first of these presale campaigns is already live on BenSwap IBO. Click HERE to participate and the next is expected to be on Tropical Finance Launchpad.

Details of the DMAX presales

  • You will be able to buy DMAX at a discount of 50% below the current market price. 1 BCH will give you 500,000 DMAX, so you're already in profit from the very start.

  • For every 1 BCH raised in the DMAX presales, 100,000,000 DMAX would be BURNED! So a total of 150,000,000 DMAX would be burned after the presales are concluded.

  • 100% of the funds raised in the presales would be added to liquidity and locked for 3 years.

  • All unsold tokens would be BURNED!

What can I do with my DMAX tokens?

Once you receive your DMAX tokens in your wallet you can do the following with them:

  • Use it to supply liquidity to the DMAX-WBCH pool on BenSwap and stake your LP token to earn more DMAX or CST in the respective Ranches.

  • Hold it in your wallet to receive CST as a dividend from all sell transactions

  • Sell a portion or all your holdings to cash out your profit

  • Trade it to try and increase your stack of DMAX over time.

Holding and farming are the most profitable and recommended strategies, but that's not financial advice. You can do whatever you choose with your tokens.

DegenMaxi (DMAX) Roadmap

Follow DegenMaxi's (DMAX) progress and achievement so far and get a glimpse of our future plans.

  • Launch DegenMaxi (DMAX) ✅

  • List on a top DEX✅

  • List on Marketcap ✅

  • New farms ✅

  • IDO and massive DMAX burn ✅...

  • Launch website

  • Initial major marketing push

  • DMAX single token staking

  • Referral program

  • More marketing push

  • Degen future


DegenMaxi (DMAX) is an experimental deflationary and reflection token on smartBCH that rewards holders with tax from every sell transaction, and also offers multiple lucrative farming opportunities.

The token is currently running presales to raise funds to boost liquidity, and you can grab some DMAX for 50% below the current market price for your contributions.

Join us

We GROW, together! Join us and be a part of our progress.

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Written by   191
3 months ago
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