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4 solid ways you can earn CST daily for free

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6 months ago

While the market crashes and burns, I come bearing good news.

Remember, the bear market is the perfect time to accumulate your favourite tokens easily because you can earn a lot more tokens with the same dollar amount or effort as the prices are at an all-time low.

In this post, I would be sharing with you the 4 solid ways you can earn CST every day with little to no effort required.

I am talking about truly passive income opportunities that reward you with the ultra-low supply CryptoSorted Token (CST).

But first, let's find out...

What is CryptoSorted (CST)?

CST is the cryptocurrency that powers the entire CryptoSorted ecosystem.

The token has a maximum supply of 23,674 and is used to pay for all premium products and services provided by CryptoSorted, reward active community members, governance, etc.

CryptoSorted is the first community-owned crypto media publications project powered by CST. And it will be fully managed by the community through an on-chain governance mechanism.

Essentially, CryptoSorted will be a DAO-based crypto media powerhouse. The people’s own crypto media publishing platform whose profits are distributed to the community of token (CST) holders.

The 4 solid ways to earn CST daily for free

  • Earn CST daily by being active in the community

  • Earn CST daily by staking your CST-BCH LP token on the farm

  • Earn CST daily by staking your DMAX-BCH LP token on the farm

  • Buy and hold DMAX in your wallet

Let's briefly explain each of these 4 ways to earn CST daily for free below.

1. Be active in the community

Being a community-based project CryptoSorted requires the support of the members to reach its full potential. And community members contributing to the growth of the project are rewarded with CST.

There are different ways you can contribute to the project and community and earn CST by being an active community member.

  1. There's strength in number. Constantly help invite more people into the CryptoSorted Telegram group. The larger the community grows both in number and engagement, the better it is for the project. Your effort would be recognised and rewarded handsomely both directly and indirectly.

  2. Help share CryptoSorted articles everywhere. Being a crypto media publication project, increased views and readership is our primary goal and by sharing our content you can help us achieve that more quickly.

  3. Constantly share something positive and interesting about CST on your various social media platforms and make sure to tag CryptoSorted so that we can track and reward your effort in helping us reach more people.

  4. Participate in community discussions and activities. Share your crypto knowledge, experience, ideas, and strategies, freely in the group for other members can benefit while also learning from others.

  5. Promote the CST and the various opportunities available in the CryptoSorted ecosystem everywhere and help us reach and attract more investors.

  6. Suggest ideas, and develop plans that will help the project and you will get funded and supported by the CryptoSorted team and the entire community.

If in doubt or want to discuss your involvement in the community, talk with @christoshi on Telegram.

2. Stake your CST-WBCH LP token to earn CST

Another way to earn CST daily for free is to add liquidity to the CST-WBCH pool on BenSwap and then stake your LP token in the CST-WBCH Ranch on BenSwap.

With this, you'll earn CST in addition to the regular trading fee from the pool.

3. Stake your DMAX-WBCH LP token to earn CST

DegenMaxi (DMAX) is a sister project that airdrops its token to the CryptoSorted community members through the DMAX-WBCH Ranch on BenSwap.

All you have to do is stake add liquidity to the DMAX-WBCH pool on BenSwap and stake your LP token in the Ranch.

u will be rewarded with CST in every block in addition to the trading fees generated from the pool.

This Ranch comes with a deposit fee of 2%, which at the current APR of over 380%, you'll recover in less than 2 days and everything afterwards is pure profit.

4. Just hold DMAX in your wallet

DegenMaxi (DMAX) is a reflection token that rewards you with CST just by holding the token in your wallet.

Click here to learn everything you need to know about DegenMaxi.

All you have to do is buy DMAX on BenSwap, leave it in your wallet, and you will receive regular CST rewards automatically into the same wallet without you having to lift a finger.


CST is one of those tokens that is almost guaranteed to give you a 100x to 1000x or more in the next bull.

This is possible because the project is still at an earn stage and developing multiple use cases, supply is extremely low and even deflationary, and planned regular buyback is incoming.

Therefore, when you have the chance to accumulate the token with little to no effort as discussed above, you better seize it, because this window of opportunity will not last forever.

How are you accumulating CST daily? Share with us in the comment section below.

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Written by   199
6 months ago
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Many great ways of earning passive income

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6 months ago

yeah... and it keeps getting better.

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6 months ago

We should aim for passive income and DMAX sounds like a solution

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6 months ago

Thanks, man. That's the goal. To help everyone who invests in our project to earn as much as possible from their input.

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6 months ago