Crypto is a Win-Win Situation: A Life-Changing Opportunity

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2 years ago

There are two different ways to look at Crypto, the old-fashioned way and the early adopter way.

First of all, you can look at Crypto as a way to make money - secondly, you can look at Crypto as money itself, and programmable money which is even better.

No matter how you look at it, Crypto is the opportunity of our lifetimes, and if you're alive and reading this now, then you probably won't face a better chance to strike it rich as in today's world.

First of all, we're experiencing the surge of something world-changing. On the other hand, we're experiencing a huge crisis that makes everyone be fearful.

When everyone's fearful, that's the best time to make a killing.

Normal guys are becoming millionaires, millionaires are becoming billionaires, and in the near future, you'll see some billionaires (the old guard) become normal guys once again as they latch on to the old statism backed system for far too long.

But do you want to know why Crypto is such a life-changing opportunity?

Read below...

Two Different Ways to Look at the Opportunity: Life-Changer Either Way (Win-Win)!

I already told you what the two different ways to look at Crypto are - either you see them as a way to make money (FIAT), or you see them as money itself.

Well, if you see them as a way to make money, you're probably just concerned about how much FIAT you can squeeze out of crypto - this is great for you because you'll able to squeeze out increasingly more.

  • As FIAT is inflationary and is going through hard times, you'll see your crypto being worth more and more USD or your country's equivalent to it.

  • As Crypto blooms and matures, you'll see tokens get harder to get, and their value increases, making you earn more USD per token you make.

The only thing you need to know in this case is that you should never leave your positions completely, because as crypto gets expensive it gets harder to get in, obviously.

If you're working with no investment whatsoever - such as many in Read.Cash, Steem, and so on - then you'll probably start seeing more USD per hour you work, so you're prone to have a great future in the short-term as FIAT is still central.

However, if you look at Crypto as money in itself, you'll have huge crypto stacks, well above those who are constantly selling - again, like the majority of you in Read.Cash - but you're maybe going to have a harder time until crypto isn't more widely accepted.

This is a short-time obstacle for some, but rest assured that this mid to long-term vision pays off, as you are going to be sitting on a huge pile of riches if you make the right picks.

Investing in things before they make your life easy is one of the most well-rewarded things in the markets, and real visionaries are those who can see there are huge rewards to reap in an industry before everyone else.

Either way, as you can see, it's a win-win.

Whatever your goal is with crypto, chances are you'll get it - if you do proper research and avoid dumb mistakes... such as DOGE or BTC.

Earn Money for Your Efforts: No Better Time to Become Rich, Especially With the COVID Craze!

I know some of the people reading my posts do look at the end-game for crypto, but I also know the vast majority is trying to better their living conditions now... some are even in crypto for their survival - and there's nothing wrong with this.

I know how cruel the system can be in some countries. I have friends in Venezuela who are safe thanks to crypto and crypto alone.

Well, for those of you trying to earn a living online with crypto - rest assured you can earn an insane amount of money for your efforts.

Earning money online has never been easier - I should know, I started blogging 7 years ago.

I can get really well-paid gigs. I'm talking hundreds of dollars per article, but know that I am realistically on the top paid ghostwriters worldwide - that's right, I didn't tell you about this detail before, but I sign non-disclosure agreements and sell articles to popular blogs so their bloggers can sign them.

Some don't even have bloggers at all and just create personas.

It's a fairly common thing.

Most of you, if working in mainstream blogging, can earn anywhere from $0.005 to $0.01 per word.

This is INSANELY LOW when compared to what you get here on Read.Cash for example.

And this is if YOU manage to get clients, or write for others, because if you don't, chances are you won't have the SEO Skills to attract the traffic you need to your blog... and in that case, you will earn zero, no matter how many articles you write.

Recently, I've been dropping some of my clients and focusing on Crypto, which may be considered risky as I'm still trying to set up my presence and my source of income is Marc and the RandomRewarder - but it's my passion.

However, most of you aren't risking your careers - you're doing this as a side-gig or as a hobby... and you're making way more than you would make if you were out there in the normal market.

Believe me, this platform, noise cash, Steem, Hive, and all of the crypto platforms that allow you to earn crypto DESTROY anything in the FIAT blogosphere by far for those who are inexperienced or just write as a side-gig.

You can make a tremendous amount of money in crypto when compared to FIAT - and this is true for almost every industry.

Then you have two other factors to consider:

  • You're Early in Crypto;

  • The COVID Craze is FUDding everyone.

The previous factors allied with these two make it so everything is set up for you to be rewarded for your efforts like never before.

It's easy... is raining everywhere!

Finite Supply Tokens with Real Use Cases: Stake Your Claim!

Now, there's a catch.

With every opportunity, comes a threat, and this time the threat has to do with where you allocate your investment.

Cryptos you should avoid are those with:

  • Infinite supply and inflationary (e.g. DOGE)

  • No use cases (e.g. BTC)

If you don't go for finite supply tokens with real use cases, you're just a speculator like those who are gambling with BTC.

Yes, I call investing in BTC gambling - there are no fundamentals in that.

Normal Guys Become Millionaires, Millionaires Become Billionaires:

Normal guys are being allowed to work hard and smart, becoming rich in the process.

I never earned so much money in my life... my crypto investments are making me top dollar and that is also partially why I'm working so damn hard to become a top content producer in the cryptoverse.

You see, I am one of the top mainstream content producers... but those clients and those contacts mean nothing here.

It feels like if I'm starting from scratch.

However, even if I consider myself just a starter around here (not just ReadCash but Crypto in General), I'm still making a killing.

I diversify and expand my portfolio, which I can discuss if there's interest, and I think I may run the risk of becoming a millionaire...

...but every day more millionaires are born thanks to crypto, and we already saw how Vitalik became a financial beast thanks to his vision and work.

Millionaires are also getting the chance to expand like never before. People like our own Marc grew in a world with 3-5% APR assets...

...but now they have access to triple-digit APR assets and more.

Life just became an easy mode for those who had the vision to get into crypto, and they are growing exponentially because of that.

In conclusion, no matter how rich or poor you are, you can turn your life around with Crypto and improve your position in life not just substantially but also exponentially.

Crypto is a win-win for adopters, a lose-lose for those staying out of it.

Embrace Crypto.

Renounce Statism.

"The Future is Now Old Man!"


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2 years ago


Indeed sir, when we take this as a passion to get more and more knowledge about crypto, we do deep and deep... I started my journey in the crypto world almost on year ago and I'm much aware about this and more I want to get.... And BCH and BNB is my favorite one and sir @marcedemesel works a lot for BCH to make it world most popular ๐Ÿ˜Š and he'll get success soon...

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2 years ago


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2 years ago

You are right It is really a win win win!

Good article ๐Ÿ‘

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2 years ago

If you start blogging 7 years ago then i have nothing to say about you as my words Will not be good to say something .. Anyway, you are same as that user here umm can not remember the name but he is a YouTuber WHO make video in YouTube for 3 years but get no appreciate but now he is famous THERE.. I am thinking that same about crypto world earning but depend on people how to take it.. Thanks for share your experience ๐Ÿ˜œ

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2 years ago

useful information

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User's avatar su
2 years ago

not now its win win cuz of Mr Elon musk

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User's avatar SJR
2 years ago

Crypto is the future

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2 years ago

Sometimes i felt like i have missed a lot about crypto. But I don't regret being like a late bloomer about it. Either way I can attest that indeed this is a life changing opportunity.

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2 years ago

You're still an early adopter... the party is only starting!

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2 years ago

indeed a win win situation.. i am not sure why there are still people who don't want to get their hands on it

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2 years ago

I do feel I've lost a lot of ground in this crypto world. I was one of the greatest critics of cryptocurrency, I hate to hear the word Bitcoin talk much or other altcoins. It's better late than ever, BCH has Given me a second chance.

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2 years ago

Yep. One should embrace the crypto if they want to get rich.

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2 years ago

I like your approach towards Bitcoin I think conventional approach is best to become millionaire in Bitcoin because those who become rich and so called whales are those who have Bitcoin since 2005+ not now by the way your article very briefly and wonderfully explained everything

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2 years ago

In my 10months of staying in this crypto space. I learn how to take advantage of this market.. .btw, aside from readcash.. Were do you blog?

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2 years ago

I blog in a lot of different places... it's hard to find a platform where I DON'T blog. :) If you're trying to get more places to earn crypto from. Read and Noise Cash, Publish0x, Steem, Hive, Leofinance and Karma (EOS)

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2 years ago

I tried those sites..except with karma ๐Ÿ˜… read and noise so far are the best

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2 years ago

I agreed to your point normal persons become millionaire And millionaire become billionaire.But my point is that Crypto as you mentioned is if money itself then we should also work on trading skills.If you trade better way you earn more with more risk factors.No doubt,your efforts as a writer are unparalleled.Your each world has its own value and charm.So I request you,there should be an article about your step by step success in blogging.It would be motivation for me and many others๐Ÿ˜

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2 years ago

Indeed it is a win-win, when I weigh things as you pointed out here, I may say I stand to crypto as a way of making money. Because that's how I see it. I am a newbie when it comes to crypto and making myself familiar with it. I am thankful that I am slowly making way to become comfortable with it. I know it's a long way to go. I prepare myself to it. When I read that you are blogging for 7 years and making articles for others, I say to myself that is the reason why. I realized that I should not frown that I was never given a chance to be notice by random rewarder or anyone because I am still new and very young. I couldn't say if my content were good enough to be notice. But still I am hopeful and pushing myself to continue. As I was saying being notice is a long way to go and I will prepare myself to hustle more and write more.

$ 0.05
2 years ago