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Sky Queen - Amelie Earhart

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Greetings to everyone, in today's article, I wanted to share the life story of Amelie Earhart, a woman who will set an example for all women, full of success in a job called women cannot do. I hope you like the article. I look forward to your comments.

“Women should try the same things men do. If they fail,

Their failure would be a new obstacle to overcome, at least for others."

Amelia was a brave woman, passionate about the sky. Flying meant freedom to him.

This woman, who does not leave unbroken records in the sky, is not content with the earth;

He wanted to dance with the stars.

Amelia was born in the US state of Missouri in 1897. A different, unruly

was a child; climbing trees, dropping himself down on sledges. Accepted

does not fit into male-female stereotypes; He did not accept anything that was considered masculine.

He always took successful women as an example. About women who have achieved success in every field

Keeping a diary of newspaper clippings was his biggest hobby.

His passion for aviation, which will never leave his life, was the first time

sprouted in an acrobatic flight show. First flight at the age of twenty-four

She learned her lesson, Once she tasted the charm of flying, Amelia

With his help, he bought a second-hand yellow airplane. The name "Canary"

With this plane he gave, he rose to 14 thousand feet and went to the women's height branch.

broke his first record. Amelia's records have been broken since this date.

continued without interruption.

In 1928, he joined the crew of the plane named "Friendship".

She became the first woman to cross the Atlantic as a passenger.

Travel has made a sound all over the world. amelia,

Even though he didn't use the plane alone, he went down in history.

She was the first female passenger. But this is for him

it was not enough; fly alone

he wanted. Four years later this time

single-handedly sailing across the Atlantic Ocean as a pilot

She was the first woman to head it. To all the mishaps

despite successfully completing his journey

Amelia's success made her headlines

carried it.

Yet none of this achievement is enough for Amelia.

was not coming. "As long as I'm breathing

I will not think of giving up," said Amelia, and her dreams were as limitless as the sky. In the letter she wrote to her mother, "You can't enjoy life.

After tasting courage, the soul no longer finds peace in small things and games"

then he longed for an unforgettable success.

The next goal of this woman, whose dreams are as limitless as the sky, is the world's

To be the first woman to tour around. In 1937, in the fortieth year of his life

He took action to crown his life with a success that would make it unforgettable.

He built the two-engine Lockheed Electra aircraft. Before the flight "I have a feeling

The feeling says this will be my last good flight and I put this last bullet in place

I am determined to use it,” he said.

The Queen of the Sky was born on June 1, 1937, where she always felt she belonged.

soared into the sky. The 29,000-mile flight had begun. airplane thirty one

It glided smoothly throughout the day. Thirty-second day, that is, on July 2

The connection to the plane was suddenly lost. Amelia disappeared in the middle of the ocean


Although it is not known exactly what happened that day, "I was created to fly"

Amelia Earhart's name as an immortal legend who turns his face to the sky

continues to greet.

Yes friends

Honestly, an amazing life story. He has accomplished the impossible. In fact, this is a man's job, you're a woman, you can't do it, he didn't mind your empty words and followed his dreams. I really admired him.

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Written by   44
1 month ago
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