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Show Your Support For BitcoinCash Using Your Talent!

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2 months ago
Topics: BCH, Bitcoin Cash, Art

Every individual has different talents and skills. Some are born with it and some are acquired it through practice and experiences. These are can be use as a tool for showing an appreciation and supports to your loved once, idols and favorite things in way of creating a song about them(for singers), make a choreography about it(for dancers), and make a series of arts(for artist). There are many kinds of talents you can use too.

Since I'm a trying hard artist and an IT student that knows how to make arts using different mediums, these can be my special tool to show my appreciation about Bitcoincash. Aside from being a great thing of Bitcoincash, BCH saved and really gave me supports in my study together with Through them, I can sustain my internet data plans in able for me to join my online classes without depending in my parents. So basically BCH deserves to receive appreciation art through different mediums.

How Do We Appreciate Bitcoincash(BCH) Through Arts?

Making arts comes with different mediums and fields. That means you can create arts digitally or tradional(papers and pencils or physical art materials). In my case, I can use different mediums by:


Done using PicSay pro and Phonto

Digital Arts are arts using digital devices(Mobile Phones, Ipads, Tablets, PCs and etc). These devices needs software applications to create arts(Photoshop, Ibispaint, Medibang, AI, Procreate and many more). I am using medibang for my phone to create art appreciation about BCH. Atleast we can use our talents also to give thanks about it.


Done using picsay pro, phonto and downloaded photos online

This is the most commonly used by many Bitcoincash supporters. Graphic designs can be use for explaining those features of Bitcoincash, Information and even showing appreciation for it. These can be done using different softwares based on your mastery.


One of the best art field to show our gratefulness acceptance about Bitcoincash. Necessary materials are can see in our home. Simple paper and water color are enough if you don't have time to buy canvas and color paints. The quality of art is not depending on the brand of materials , the result is based on your talent and skills.


A sketch example

The simplest way of showing appreciation about Bitcoincash. You only need pencils and a paper. Mastery is not necessary as long as you can use your hand to use paper and pencil with your imagination. You don't need to perfect it, just show what you have got.


Done using PicSay pro, meme template and downloaded photo online

I don't know if it is called art but meme are created from creative imaginations and editing softwares too. But meme can be the best way to show anything about Bitcoincash. Meme can also give entertainment to its viewers.


My favorite hobby on showing appreciation about Bitcoincash. I always using these to empress my crush by stealing his photos and made it a slides with background music and effects. This can be use too for showing loved about Bitcoincash through explaining its features, advantages or anything about it.

There are a lot of ways to show our supports about Bitcoincash. We just need creative imaginations, strong appreciation about the specific thing. How about you? what's your talent? share it to our comment section.

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Written by   119
2 months ago
Topics: BCH, Bitcoin Cash, Art
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Your songs very nice

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I made a cover song..

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Let me hear it😍

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