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Pokémon Unite: A Fun Experience Journey In Aeos Island!

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3 weeks ago

Pokémon is been part of our childhood days. Can you remember those precious days when we were really excited to watch TV in the morning just to watch Pokémon? Competing for your favourite Pokemon and act like a trainer? Those days are the one of happiest experience we had during our young days. Missing those day....


This blog is not affiliated with or sponsored by Pokémon Unite Game or Company. Contents are from personal experience by playing the game.

(Naol my pa disclaimer :D)

Good thing, technologies are really improving and developing to make evey life easier. And in fact, technologies can do unimaginable things, turning imaginations into reality.

As the technologies emerging continuosly, video games have kept pace as well. Video games are also improving from pixilated or low quality graphics now turned into realistic. Just like how Pokémon Games improve from simple user interface to 3 Dimensional Style.

20's when a new category of video games also knows as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) became more popular and gained millions of players from different countries.

MOBA games are indeed a enjoyable to play games due to the fact that you can play with the other people from different places and counties. Apart from it, the graphics and concepts it can give that makes the games more addictive.

Year 2016, when popular MOBA game Mobile Legends was launched in play store. Although there's a lot of existing MOBA games like DOTA and League Of Legends before Mobile Legends was launched to public, Mobile Legends become more popular due to the fact that, it can be played using Android or iOS phones.

Upon playing Mobile Legends, you can really gain the best experience. It can make the game more addictive to play due to its graphics and designs, the concepts, artworks that makes the game gained more players and popular 'til these days...

Due to this popularity, many new games also appeared and the best thing is, our favourite anime Pokemon series adapted it too.Finally! Pokémon Unite a MOBA type of game came to mobile after they their successful launch in Nintendo Switch!Yes! Pokémon has now MOBA type game that you can play in your phone!

Don't worry, I'm gonna share too what was my impressions and experiences upon playing the game.

Journey To Aeos Island!

Last year when I heard about the news about The Pokémon Company that they will going to make a fun to play Pokémon Game. What makes the news more exciting was , they will going to adapt a MOBA style of games.

Then the long wait is finally over. Pokémon Unite officially launched yesterday September 22, 2021. And yes! Since I've been waiting for this to happen. I've tried the game quickly and here what I have observed!

The Graphics

Screenshot From The Game

As expected, the graphics are dope!. It uses 3 dimensional. All the objects, color used, the maps are all 3D. I am satisfied with that kind of graphic. Pretty good to play!


Screenshot From The Game

Since the game is MOBA, expect the arena where you can make battles and the PvP kind of match making. You can play with your friends againts other player from different country or places.

Character Designs

Screenshots From The Game

Now look at those characters, look familiar aren't they? I bet you spotted Pikachu in there. That's what I love the most about the game. I can finally become a Pokémon trainer. I've been waiting for this day to happen.LOL



What I like the most about the game is that, you can customize yourself as a Pokemon trainer(clothes, skin colour, looks). Of course, your Pokemon has skins too if you want to make it look cool. Well that's optional.

Time Limit

Time Range

Compared to other MOBA games, Pokémon Unite only has 10 minutes time limit in able for the players to win the battle. That makes the games more challenging and advanced to other MOBA games.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Those are just my impressions about the game. Ofcourse, the game is also new and experience some bugs and errors. But I can promise that gamers will love this too especially Pokémon Fans since childhood days.

Atleast, I can finally become a trainer now! xD..

Now, what can you say about this? Share it in the comment section. Let's talk about it!..

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Written by   203
3 weeks ago
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