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Let's Spread BitcoinCash on Instagram and YouTube Shorts!

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2 months ago

Early this month, I created my profile intentionally created for BitcoinCash. To add myself as one of the BitcoinCash content in the Tiktok social media platform. Since Tiktok has a wide range of audiences and allowing any content of your choice, starting a profile and making BitcoinCash content to post there is the best way to do.

Though a starter profile in Tiktok can't actually got any like or followers for the first days, your videos has the chance to display on Tiktok's "For You Page" or its home page. Not having a followers and likes is not a problem since you can accumulate views for your videos. Currently, a BitcoinCash content videos I posted on my Tiktok account has now hundred of views which is pretty good to inform Tiktok users about BitcoinCash.

Anyways, you can follow me there if you have Tiktok account too. Let's have fun while spreading about BitcoinCash in there.

Tiktok Account: CryptoManiac

Since I'm done with Twitter and Tiktok where I make and share contents about BitcoinCash, perhaps its the best time to add social media platforms to spread about BitcoinCash.

Let's Spread BitcoinCash on Instagram

We all know that Instagram is popular for good quality of selfies and pictures. Instagram is definitely the best platform(for me) to share artworks or any works made about BitcoinCash. The best example is this one:

A BitcoinCash work entitled "Peer 2 Peer" showing why BitcoinCash is the real Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto created BTC to be the Peer-to-Peer electronic cash which is not fulfilled. BCH fulfills those things that BTC should fulfill. As you can see, The "I am You" colors used are the colors of Bitcoin and BitcoinCash. Which means, "I Am(BitcoinCash) You(Bitcoin)= "I Am Bitcoin".

I mean, how about sharing these kind of facts on Instagram and some other platforms?. Here are some of my latest BitcoinCash post on Instagram.

My plan is to spread BitcoinCash in there through artworks, illustrators , photo edits or any images regarding BitcoinCash. Twitter is good for these kind of stuff though but there are already strong supporter in the platform. Their dominance is unmeasurable.

Follow me there for BitcoinCash contents wo@TJsCryptoManiabe Shorts

One year ago, I created a YouTube channel to post a BitcoinCash related contents and for BitcoinCash based projects. I initially created a short video ads for That is the time where is on its early days. You can watch the video ad below.

The first video on my channel with just 400+ Views and some good comments from the community. Still not that good as quality but I felt proud of it Lol.

Next video, I build building on Minecraft. And made a content about it and posted on the channel too.

3 Weeks ago, I created a new ad type video for, the new version of This time, new graphics, style has been applied including voice over. New platform, new video style.

Now, YouTube introduces YouTube Shorts where use can post short videos ranging 15 to 60 seconds. It simple as the kind of videos on Tiktok. In that case, I imported all my BitcoinCash related short videos from Tiktok.

First Short Video: BitcoinCash2022 Conference when St. Kitts Minister announces the best announcement of the year for BitcoinCash community.

Please do watch here since YouTube Shorts here is not supported.

BitcoinCash Will Be Legal Tender.

Second Short Videos: My most viewed BitcoinCash related video on Twitter titled "Big Block Size" of BitcoinCash. This video got a almost 700views of twitter. If you're curious, you csn watch it on YouTube Short.

BitcoinCash with Huge Blocks:)

Currently 3rd and last Shorts: Three BitcoinCash Non-Custodial Wallets

The most trusted BitcoinCash Non-Custodial wallet with hardworking CEOs behind that supports BitcoinCash and developing different useful tools for BitcoinCash/community.

Meet the best 3 BitcoinCash Non-Custodial Wallets

My Social media accounts are not yet popular but of course, consistency is the key. Just continue to make BitcoinCash contents and let the viewers come and know about BitcoinCash. Everything will pay off someday!

For more BitcoinCash Contents, you may visit my socials.

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Written by   247
2 months ago
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it is one way to support bitcoincash by spreading the info about in bitcoincash, here in our place one of the support that people use to it is just by doing educate people who are willing to invest in bch and also there is a merchant here that allowed to accept payment using bch

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2 months ago

Wow! Such a nice place.👏

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