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CryptoLife v.s Reality: The Why and When Mirror Of Life

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1 week ago

Entering the world of cryptocurrencies comes with different responsibilities. New rotation, new discoveries, new things to spend our time with. Everything is new that may break our expectations.

In the world full of technicality that can make our brains burst that even 'basic' is too far from what basic true definition is. The world that the full controls for yourself is all yours. The world that nobody can teach you how to live your life. The world that the word 'Decentralization' is dominant. Welcome to 'CryptoLife'!..Are you ready to do things you haven't done before?

Being a person who loves to browse internet for nothing before. Spending most of the time to play online games and watching clips in the social media platform, posting daily activities and grotesque selfies in the internet just realized that there are places for changes. Maybe isn't permanent but at least you can found something useful things to do for your self.

Crypto World Vs. Reality: The mirror of life

Gonna drop the alternative form of life from the different world that my lead you to make some realization. These form of lives can't make us to create conclusion on which is the best but for me, they are quite different.

This blog intentions was to give you some standpoints where to go. And what you should do next after reading this. Let's dive in..

Why Wasting Time On Other Social Media Platforms When There Is And

Alright okay let's don't deny that social media brought some huge impacts to our lives since we are entered it. For communication purposes, connecting to our loved once but for some reason it also be the room for toxicity.

Been a member of these platforms for more than 10 years and ofcourse, I've already knew everything about the community and way of communication of the other users.

The endless spamming, full of babbling, toxic communities, endless bashing and a wide spread of p*rn*graphic contents that even youngster can freely access it. And guess what? you get nothing about it. In fact, your are just making the owner richer.

Good thing, gifted people existed to create possible changes for every individual's life. Created things to save others from what the commonly do and this is Haha nope).. I just found this platform a better place for any ages. A healthy social platform indeed.So what your next decision?

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Why Keeping Your Money For Savings When You Can Keep It With Interest?

Alright. Asian people really loved to save their money buy making their own DIY banks also known as piggy banks. They are depositing their daily earnings and keeping it for a long time but the problem is they can't accumulate interests from it. Since most of the people in developing countries don't trust the government to hold their money, this DIY banks could be their alternative for it.

So what will happened if they chose cryptocurrencies for this.? Of course to gain profits and interest is possible, its 100% possible!. The fact that their money can be doubled due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. In that case, choosing the right cryptocurrencies with a trusted historical data is a must. Of course Bitcoin Cash will lead the way!..

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Why gaining analytical skills in playing video games when you can gain it from cryptocurrencies?

Some people say you can learn analytical skills in playing video games where you can gain strong instincts, predictions, and analysis strategies. But hey, you can learn these too in cryptocurrencies.

For you to know, cryptocurrencies comes with analysis topics, predictions practices, complex topics and readings. In crypto, you are not just learning but also you are earning.

Why Supporting Idols When You Can Support Your Favourite Coin?

Alright I know, each of us has Idols, favourites in life and or fandoms. We are joining communities to support them and sometimes we are spending bucks for them to buy merch.

My point was not to leave your fandom and stop idolising them. Why not to add cryptocurrencies in your idols? because here, you are not spending cause your are earning. Worrying about fandom war? Don't worry baby, cryptocurrencies has also fandom wars where supporters are throwing deep words that you haven't seen before, slapping you with their charts and historical data to prove how their coins good is. Good thing, I'm in a the right community or I should say Bitcoin Cash community.

Closing Thoughts

Done reading it? What you should do next? Of course it's about yourself too. The decesions are still yours . The one person that can lead you for a better conclusion of your life is yourself too. All I can say is "Think twice, think wise"..

Lastly, what is your real world activities that you replaced with crypto world activities? Let me know in the comment section 💚


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Written by   139
1 week ago
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At tumigil ang mundo nong dumaan si Bitcoincash 😎. Tumigil pero sya din ang nagpa galaw 😎. At ngayon everybody's happy 🤩🤩.

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Inspired na inspired talaga to oh.🤟😋

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Para sa ekonomiya nga 😎, at sa futurr namim ni kwash 😂

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