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Who We Really Are?

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2 months ago

Who we really are? Who are you? What are we? What we were? What we will be? Questions we often ask ourselves most specially in times when we are facing difficulties in life and have to question ourselves who we really are.

It has been quite a long time since human set foot unto earth, even science have no direct evidence of our very first existence here on Earth. All just came up with theories, the maybes, the somehows.

And from there we humans created our own beliefs which somehow divided us .

Faith and beliefs form our very entire paradigm. Most of us were raised with the beliefs that our parents have taught us and later as we grew older we often question our own beliefs.

Now why am I talking about this beliefs? Because I see this very beliefs   to be the core, the main foundation of ourselves the starting point of getting to establish ones self-esteem.

From this beliefs, we learned what it's like to live abiding by the rules set unto us by our beliefs. Psychology calls it conformity. It is when we agree at something because everybody does according to one's belief but deep down inside of us we question it.

Self-esteem is how we see ourselves but sometimes influenced by the beliefs we have. In times were we couldn't decide for our own , in times when were to afraid to speak it's there that we lose more and more of ourselves.

Knowing who we really are is the greatest crusade an individual could ever have. There will be obstacles , there will be bigger risk and for us to conquer them all, we have to conquer ourselves first.

Who we are most afraid of is ourselves.We are strangled by the chains of our fake identity, we are strangled by the chains of fear, the fear of knowing who we really are.How can we truly understand the statement "just be yourself" if we haven't found yet ourselves. You can never really know what's worth it until you find self worth.

Now who we really are is a quest we have to take on ourselves. It is within us to find who we really are. And if your searching for the one who could change you...just look at the mirror and see for yourself.

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Written by   102
2 months ago
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