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President's Advocacy (War on Drugs-Philippines)

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2 months ago

Disclaimer: I do not hate the president ,this is my own opinion on the topic. Some strong words and photos ahead.

After seeing and hearing news about our dear president's advocacy on prohibited drugs, at first it made me admire him more for protecting and saving people addicted to it. I admired him even more for treating us fellow Filipinos with great care, or so I thought.

As the process of his war on drugs grew even bigger ,the scope widen and somehow limitation were over taken, it has come to my senses how brutal and cruel such process was. Killings, blood, dead bodies ... I see this news flashing from everywhere.

Advocating for the common good specially for drug addiction is kinda good ,but the process of his advocacy somehow questioned my humanity. Do we really have to end a life for the betterment of others or are we simply ending lives 'cause we are too lazy to choose the long process.

I'm not a hater of the president or a fan. But this things woke me up that this life could be easily ended by the hands of the authority.

The advocacy itself is pretty good but the process it is running is kind of irony to itself, saving lives by killing.

I may not be such great contributor to the community and don't even have enough right to utter this opinion but with great confidence I still believe there is a better way to end this problem with the same advocacy but different process.



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I'll give you a situation.

Your friend is an addict and ready to kill anyone who interrupts him/her, your brother is the police, and he tries to convince your friend to stop, your friend starts shooting your brother, so as your brother tries to protect himself, he killed your friend.

What will you do? Will your perspective change once again? Or not?

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2 months ago