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Gun Control : for War or Peace?

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2 months ago

Chaos in the society has been here even before we came into this life. Many heroes have bravely fought for peace, sacrificed their lives to give honor to this country. Some used their pens and others used their Guns.

It was quite some time now since gun has been a symbol for terror , a mark for bravery , a misconception almost everybody believed in.

Gun has been an instrument to acquire power , to acquire false peace. Many used it to give false hope to people that with this instrument for killing peace can be obtained.

We have been fighting a war which can never be ended. A war which everybody is the enemy, a war which no one can escape , a war for our stupidity.

We tend to believe that with brute force and guns we can obtain such peace , but we haven't realize that with every gunfire creates a thousand more war.

Chaos in the society will be here forever, even after we part this life, there'll be more great and brave heroes to come, sacrificing their lives for the honor of this doomed and dumb country. Some will use their pens and some will be GUNS.


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