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A Letter to Maria

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1 month ago

How have you been?

It was quite some time now since we talked

It was quite some time now since we walked

I wish I had done that plenty more times

Plenty more times

The last time I saw, you barely couldn't walked

You barely couldn't speak

But then I still left

Still you gave me a kiss to cheek

You were always kind

And I was always out of my mind

You were always there

But I couldn't even have the time to spare

Now all that's left to me are memories

Remorse succumb me to the core

Why'd we have to meet again in a painful way

Why'd I have to see you close eyed and lay

Hey, please answer me.

Hey please give me that warm breath

Hey please open your eyes

Hey please hear me one more time.

I couldn't spit out my sorry

Let my tears be my words

Though my hugs would never reach you anymore

Let my prayers lift you and soar

How have I been?

It was quite some time now since I denied that you were gone

It was quite some time now since I refuse to believe that you were about to leave

I was so damn to leave you first

Never did I had to chance to hold your hand on your last painful breath

If only I had done that

If only I did......


Hope you guys liked it, hit that like button, don't forget to like share comment and maybe subscribe if you like...It's my first time writing a poem in this platform just sort of expiremental for me.

This has been CrazyInsane , chow ✋🥰❤️

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