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So today I am bringing a very interesting project not only does team bring you NFTs but they are bringing a website where you can create NFTs using there templates but I won't say any more and let these two legends explain all .

Hey guys ?

bozo — Salut ^^

Oh your French ?

bozo — Yes

Lol . So what you guys get up to today ?

CoolCrypto — I was choosing creations for the next drop and @bozo is testing Discord bots (and doing some weird jokes...) . And as I'm writing that it's funny coz @bozo is the graphist and more and I was supposed to be the geek.

Ha ha ha role reverse !!

CoolCrypto — Team work

Bozo — ^^

Of course . So what brought you guys together ?

Bozo — NFTs clearly . Coolcrypto has been in cryptos for a while when I first met him and he said "as a graphic designer you may be able to do something out there" he masters community management Photoshop's my second name we just tried something . Our first idea was to develop an ambitious card game .

CoolCrypto — True. What we really liked was the gaming and NFT aspect.

Bozo — Wanted to create a game, so we ended up with a gaming community project that is constantly being improved and developed.

Ah so you both want to create a game based around NFTs with the community involved ?

CoolCrypto — A game or maybe a kind of gamification with NFT. Something like a community tool and fun concept in which everyone can participate and earn.

Bozo — We essentially have a tool that can be a support for different kind of activities around NFTs and the idea of creating together .

Oh cool so what is the whole idea ?

CoolCrypto — We have a artwork tool where users can create their own artwork based on templates that we insert in database (here is the link, I can create you an access so you can test. public release will be done with next drop .

So basically people can create there own NFTs off your templates ?

CoolCrypto — Around this base (artwork tool), we wish to create an emulation in the NFT community by allowing users, collectors and collaborations with artists.

The idea is that some can win by creating and others by making themselves known or by creating unique works. All in good fun. We are working on gamifying our Discord).

So they couldn't create an NFT from the template ?

CoolCrypto — Here are some examples of artwork created by users (early testers)

So they couldn't create an NFT from the template ?

CoolCrypto — Yep, those NFT's will be minted for them and/or added in our drops.

Oh right and so they would be released under your brand as such ?

CoolCrypto — The users' artwork will be a part of our collection and integrated to drops. We are still refining our business model in order to offer something nice and qualitative.

Of course .

CoolCrypto — Those templates are ours but imagine if you are an artist (new in NFT or not) and you want to promote your art you could participate in collab drop with WM or you could participate to the templates' database .

Our community could buy official NFT's collectors by W2M in packs or drops but could use templates and mix them . And the idea is to create a virtual circle where the users of the artwork tool could have income based on their participation in the community (creations retained for drops, points on the Discord, exclusive NFT...)

Ah I get in so basically your idea and project can help new artist get promoted within your community by helping them?

CoolCrypto — Exactly! We want give NFT's collectors and NFT newbies the opportunity to discover and participate this amazing universe too. A kind of "Create 2 Earn"

Ah so will there be any rules for them to obey by ?

CoolCrypto — We're putting it all together so we can explain it to the community, and what we'd like is for our NFT's owners to have lots of benefits (that's why Bozo is working on gamifying a Discord as well). NFT's have to be a WIN - WIN - WIN game.

An example of a concept that will be implemented on the next drop is to share 5% of the revenues with the first to hold the 4 special NFTs for example. And if it works, it could be something that is repeated.

Ah I get you so its all about giving and helping the community so will anyone be able to provide templates ?

CoolCrypto — Technically anyone will be able to provide templates as long as their own their artwork. And templates + artwork's tool is just a part of the concept. NFT's collectors will be able to join the community (and being rewarded) by owning W2M NFT's for example. Artists could join us in collab drops that we could organize together (@bozo is very creative ). No need to be an artist to play the NFT's art game

Ah so at this second how many templates are there available ?

CoolCrypto — Something like +70 backgrounds and +60 Metamons in 3 categories (Metamon is our first series and many other and different ones will come)

And have you guessed released any NFTs yourselves from the program?

CoolCrypto — We have used some templates to create promo NFT’s ( but we don’t have dropped our own creations made 100% with the tool because website is not open yet. For next drop there will be to collect: 4 NFT collectors / 4 NFT element to blend and 5 artwork creations made by our beta testers.

So you do create your own NFTs and what's idea behind them ?

CoolCrypto — Yep @bozo is the artist. As we are in the Metamon Series all is around this theme. 1st drop was animals and elements. Next one will be around Predators and Preys and we have tried to make it more « alive ».

How did the first drop go ?

CoolCrypto — We were surprised about the sale: sold out in 24h (70 packs) and it’s give so much energy. We’ve tried to promote it some days before on Twitter and Discord (our community is there) and it was cool to do!

Can we have a pic of it ?

CoolCrypto —My favorites from previous drop

They are class . How many NFTs have you dropped so far ?

CoolCrypto — Thank you . Hmmm good question. Let me do the maths lol . If we don’t take promo drops into account, 1st official drop is about 700 NFT’s (8 differents NFTs with scarcity from 50% to 5%) (edited)

Ah what's been your favorite of the project ?

CoolCrypto — The singing whale is my favorite: I like both visual effect and sound on this one.

Bozo — Flying eagle's my favorite Freedom and fresh air

And is designing the NFTs 50/50 so you both get a say ?

CoolCrypto — Bozo creates and we elaborate together more him than me

Ah so how is each NFT created ?

CoolCrypto — In fact, for the NFT collectors, we try to think of the visuals according to how we want to drop: for example, for the first drop we chose to decline our creations according to elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water) and to associate these elements with animals that can be found in another form in Metamon (Elephant, Dragon, Eagle and Whale). On this basis @bozo makes graphic proposals and we try to refine the whole according to the mechanisms of blend or reward that we want to distribute. We keep in mind a certain aesthetic, fun and original side. Even if we are not known and that our project is still modest we want to bring to the collector a fun and aesthetic aspect.

What programs are you using to create ?

CoolCrypto — bozo said: "photoshop's my second name". But for each drop we will try to add something original. First one was a sound effect (animal calls). Something tell me that for the next one it could be more dynamic NFT's

We are explorers and we like to innovate so we look for every time a small nice thing which gives a personalization to NFT's.

How long does each NFT take to create ?

CoolCrypto — Bozo is a kind of guy that can disappear for 2 days and come back with a full set of NFT's .

Ha ha ha . What about collabs have you done any ?

CoolCrypto — We have a collab with Dagga (Mosaic Art) which brought together a lot of WAX NFT's artists for a great badges drop. This one is his initiative and it's not a What2Mint project. Once he's done with his and we're done with ours we'd like to be able to present our first W2M collab. If any artists are interested, the message is out.

Of course I know dagga and I am chatting to him regularly and we just to chatted about his packs . Is there a dream collab out there for you ?

CoolCrypto — I really like artists like Byron the Artist, Mercenary Art Studio or DerpyCats . That's not the bigger projects in WAX but I like their styles and they seem to be very cool persons. Dagga in W2M could be something special too because that was one of my first collection on WAX.

Do you collect NFTs ?

CoolCrypto — Yep. I’m buying NFT’s on Wax (gaming: Wax Arena, RPlanet, Alien Worlds, Uplift World, Gnomes but also artists collections like Mosaic Art, Grafiti Kings, Byron The Artist...) I like NFT’s on other blockchain and I’ve some from Decentraland or Sandbox. I like to hunt freebies too good way to find new projects.

Who is your favorite artists ?

bozo — love hashmasks and Greg mike's quite funky I like his stuff .

CoolCrypto — And to complete my list, I like Exit Limbo's style too .

Oh brilliant . What has been the most important lesson you have learned?

CoolCrypto — That a project is never finished and that it can always evolve and change... With us it's a new idea every day and it's very stimulating to be able to say to yourself that it's normal that there's always something to improve... You'll see, since we began this interview we already have some new stuff to bring .

How did you guys meet ?

CoolCrypto — I wanted to promote NFT around me and introduce people to it. My cousin had friends who were interested. Then this guy called @bozo showed up out of nowhere in a discussion. What2Mint was born .

Have you guys ever meet up ?

CoolCrypto — Yep, @bozo came to my place to prepare the first drop and I think we'll do it again as soon as possible. Teamwork!

So do you guys live close then ?

CoolCrypto — Both sides of the same island (Reunion Island - 100 km between our 2 locations)

What does your family's think of your project ?

CoolCrypto — At home, NFT's are common things. Other people don't even know what a crypto wallet is... @bozo?

Have you brought anyone in to the crypto world ?

CoolCrypto — My 70 years old father is now mining TLM in AlienWorlds and @bozo is thinking about NFT's projects all time long ha ha .

Ha ha ha tell us something random about you ?

CoolCrypto — I have no idea where this is going but I know this is where I need to go, I go by intuition.

crackers83 — 10/07/2021

What do you do to unwind when your not creating NFTs ?

CoolCrypto — I have a full time job lol. Chill out with family and hiking in the mountains (we have a great playground here)

Brilliant my lil one could live in playground lol . So this is your full time I am guessing you enjoy it ?

CoolCrypto — This job is past/present. I hope crypto and NFT's will be my next fulltime job and lifestyle.

Where can the community keep up with your project ?

CoolCrypto — Mainly on Discord and Twitter. An soon (with next drop) our website will be live:

When is the next drop ?

CoolCrypto — Maybe next week but as we have the collab with Dagga we don't want to cross both drops so maybe the week after .

Ah yes the patch's started this week any sneak peaks of your next stand alone NFT?

CoolCrypto — It will be something around "Preys and Predators" theme .

Nice . Where can we can we currently buy your NFTs ?

CoolCrypto — We are mainly doing our drops on Neftyblocks (many features for packs and drops): (No drop at this moment and you have to go to 2ndary market to find our NFT

What is the long term plan for the project ?

CoolCrypto — It will be clearer for NFT collectors once we have the website up and running with the creative tool and roadmap but we see it as a multi-sport community platform where collectors and creators can meet, showcase their creations, collaborate and earn by creating and belonging to the community. We want to be able to promote all aspects of NFT artwork and community.

We have started with W2M creation drops, rewards for completing social tasks on the Discord for example, and we will continue with creation contests around our tool, hoping to collaborate with both established and up-and-coming artists very soon. Eventually this could become a great community promotion tool, a "Create 2 Earn tool"

Any chance of a competition or a drop for the readers ?

Of course it could be fun and here it is

Brilliant . So before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add for the readers ?

CoolCrypto — It is a pleasure to be part of this great NFT community. We're just starting out but we're going to try to bring them some fun and allow everyone to enjoy this adventure. Don't hesitate to give feedback, even if it's negative, in order to progress together. Thanks to all of you and in particular to Crackers for giving us this space to express ourselves.

Thank you for taking your time to chat to me .

So drop your Wax address below to get whitelisted and please give the lads some support I think this could help a lot new artist start off .

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Written by   468
1 month ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist, Collection
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