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Meet the artist R4KZ

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1 week ago
Topics: Artist, NFT, WAX

So I am came across this little project on twitter and loved there work and I reached out to them and discovered it was two friends from Brazil and I have to say this project and NFTs are just getting better and the little present they created for this well lets say its amazing .



Hi Guys How you doing today ?

BOZZI'm fine Crackers

kpz3r4 I'm fine and you?

I am good celebrated my sons 1st birthday today . Did you guys get up to much today ?

BOZZAmazing! Congratulations, today is the day to celebrate so


BOZZI have a 7 year old son too

My oldest is 5 lol . Thanks guys . What you guys get up to today

BOZZI finished some work today and I'm already working on the new rakazos and costumed rakazos that we plan to release soon

Oh nice . When you hoping to release ?

BOZZWell, new rakazos appear every week and we are preparing the costumed rakazos for 28/11

Ah so how did it all start ?

BOZZIt all started when kpz3r4 told me about NFTs, but I didn't know anything about it, so I decided to delve into the subject and then we decided to create R4kz together and the idea of creating rakazos was to create cute creatures that would reach all audiences.

kpz3r4 how did you discover NFTs ?

kpz3r4I discovered NFTs first on youtube, through a very famous channel here in Brazil that talks about NFTs games called Fraternidade Crypto, and then I got to know the wonderful WAX network where we decided to launch our collection.

Who came up with the idea for the project ?

BOZZWe had the idea of creating r4kz together, r4kz is a project that doesn't follow any theme and that gives us the freedom to create various types of art. like for example the rakazos, which is our current theme and we're giving it full preference now.

Are they meant to be be cute ?

BOZZYes, our goal is to win over the entire audience and the cute things are the ones that most win over the audience.

Of course . When did you drop your first NFT ?

BOZZWe launched AZY - The sound of the peace, 07/08/2021.

Can we have a pic ?


Oh wow that's class how did the community react ?

BOZZUpon seeing me, they reacted very well, we still didn't have a whitelist and even so we managed to sell 20, for those who were starting it was fantastic and that motivated us even more to continue.

Oh brilliant and did it take long to get whitelisted ?

BOZZNot much, about 1 month.

Oh brilliant so you weren't in even whitelisted and had some followers . How many NFTs have released since ?

BOZZYes it was amazing! today we have more than 70 different models and 2600 NFTs minted .

Oh wow . And do you have a favorite ?

BOZZSo far it's AZY - the sound of the peace, it was a job I was doing a lot before I started creating NFTs. and now being able to see in people's wallets is very gratifying.

Really what about @kpz3r4 ?

kpz3r4For me it was also AZY, but I confess that I liked the Crazy Oranges too

How come crazy oranges ?


That is really cool .

BOZZThanks .

When you guys are creating is there much input between the two of yous ?

BOZZSometimes we exchange ideas, I'm more in the artistic creation part and Felipe is more in the management part.

Ah so how long does each NFT take to create ?

BOZZIt depends a lot on the art, rakazos for example already have the frame and background ready, so creating just one new rakazo takes between 1 and 2 hours.

Are they hand drawn ?

BOZZRakazos are vector designs, but more complex designs are handcrafted, like Crazy Oranges.

What programs you use for finishing ?

BOZZI mostly use Corel Draw, it's a program I've mastered and I have years of experience, but I also use photoshop to add a finishing touch to the arts.

So not many programs . Have you done any collabs yet ?

BOZZNot yet, we're going to start getting in touch now with some collections to make a collab soon.

Who would be your dream collab ?

BOZZIt's hard to choose just one because there are so many good collections, but we would like to collaborate with kennbosakgif, it would be awesome.

Kenn is a legend . Do you guys collect NFTs ?

BOZZNot yet, I'm focused on these projects, but I intend to make some collections.

kpz3r4I even collected before creating our collection, I already had many NFTs of kennbosakgif itself, crypto5tache between other, but after we created our collection I am 100% focused on it.

What has been the best part of doing your project ?

BOZZI think the reception from the community, it was great to see our following growing, people liking and commenting on our arts, it means a lot to us and it means we are on the right path.

What has been the hardest part ?

BOZZ I think managing the time of my professional work with the creation of the arts was the most difficult in the beginning. but now I'm managing to assimilate both.

kpz3r4For me the most difficult thing was choosing the name hahah , it may seem like a joke but it took a while for us to choose, we even bought the domain with another name but we realized that R4KZ would be the best choice and the most perfect.

Is the plan to go full time with this project ?

BOZZNot yet, but maybe in the future. it would be great to be able to devote all our time to creating NFTs.

Any sneak peaks of the new NFTs coming up ?

BOZZYes, we are working on the costumed rakazos, here is a preview of things to come


Oh squid games lol . Do you take a lot of ideas from the real world ?

BOZZI would say it's a set of ideas, sometimes I take real world references and sometimes I just pull it out of my imagination.

What you guys work as outside of NFTs?

BOZZI'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, I've been working with this for over 12 years.

kpz3r4I am currently dedicating my time to learn more about investing, but my profession is Warehouse Assistant.

Oh cool have you guys brought any family into NFTs ?

BOZZOur family has been following our work and supporting us a lot, they are very happy with our result and we are very satisfied, it is very good to have the support of the family.

Have they started collecting NFTs

BOZZNot yet, we are gradually bringing them into this new world of NFTs.

So are you friends long ?

BOZZYes, we have been friends for over 5 years, we met playing our dear h1z1. we live in different cities, but very close.

So your gamers lol

BOZZYes hahahahah

Tell us something random about yourselves ?

BOZZIn addition to drawing, I worked in the professional diving business!

Oh cool .

kpz3r4Hm... I like to sleep listening to the sound of the rain, it's the best sound in the world to sleep .

Oh couldn't agree more . What you like to do to unwind ?

BOZZWhenever I can, I play my favorite game which is RainbowSix Siege and I love to enjoy the beach.

kpz3r4I like to play games and watch series.

Where do you keep the community updated about your project ?


We have our website


Do you have a discord or telegram channel ?

BOZZNo, at the moment we only have the website, twitter and Instagram .

Where can we buy your NFTs ?


Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers ?

BOZZ Yes we have a surprise we made it especially for you and your readers.

Oh nice

BOZZAre you prepared?

BOZZWhat do you think?

Love it omg .


That is class so before we finish up is there anything else you would like to say or add ?

BOZZWe would like to thank everyone who has followed our work and say that if you want to join to the NFTs world, come without fear! the community is very united and wonderful, there is space for all of us.

Thank you guys for your time and keep up the great work .

BOZZThanks, the interview was great! Hope we can participate in the future.

kpz3r4Thank you .

Thank you guys for your time it was a pleasure .

So guys thanks to these great artist I have a 100 of these to give away so please drop your WAX below and go show this project some love on Twitter .

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Written by   465
1 week ago
Topics: Artist, NFT, WAX
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