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If you havent seen any of Marcus NFTs around you are missing out some are quite arty and some can be quite cutie but his collection are worth gathering I finally got a chance to chat to him . So have a read .

Hi Marcus how's things ?

Fine, how about you my friend ?

I am good get up to anything interesting today ?

Announced a new drop today, that was nice . I have been holding on some pieces for a while it's good to put them out .

Of course how did that go ?

The drop will start tomorrow but the first introduction to it went well .First time really scheduling stuff. Having a set time to announce the drop and everything like that .

Does it feel better to have it scheduled ?

Yes, it not only helps to give a preview of the art and create some hype around it .

How did you discover nfts ?

It was in the beginning of March, I had a small amount of money so i thought "let me try to get into the Crypto world", I had a friend that was on the Wax Blockchain and he introduced me to all the stuff. With that I discovered NFTs and it lit my creative spark. Before March I would never say that i was a artist . It really changed my world upside down . During my first month I was on Crypto Stache's telegram group and i saw someone promoting a voting so i was interested, 1 wax per vote and if your "team" wins you would get a NFT, amazing. So i got the vote for 1 wax

A vote for Blockchain Blunts which at the time weren't even whitelisted on AtomicHub . That was when I really started getting more involved with NFTs . I joined their group and found this amazing group of people hat just wanted to have fun and live their dreams . Some time passed and they won the voting and I got a pack for it, i was happy but nothing prepared me for the next thing I opened the pack and bam, mint 1 I was over the moon.

And decided to do my first auction, with the help of Sebastian and all the people on the group.

From that auction I got 1300 WAX if i remember right, something close to that 1 WAX turned into 1300 WAX Mind blowing. My favorite part wasn't even the amount, it was the excitement everyone had for it . How the Wax community comes together and makes something beautiful .After that I started going harder and harder with my Art which in the beginning was very experimental . Always trying to improve and learn something new . Had some ups and downs but they are part of the ride, on my lowest moments i was able to find inspiration to rise back up

Wow that's amazing and I am guessing that just grew your love for the community . Can we have a look at that NFT you sold ?

When did you start to create NFTs ?

It was around the same time, March/April of this year . I had some edits that I made in the past saved on my phone . So why not post it ? From that i started doing even more edits and also started working with 3d sculpting and now getting into drawing .

Of course so can we see your first ever NFT you created ?

This was my first NFT

How did the community react to it ?

It was kinda of a flop haha I didn't have the whitelist at the time so it was hard to sell any NFTs . I only got the collection whitelisted after some NFTs .

But your whitelisted now I am guessing lol . How many NFTs have you created since then ?

A lot I work with 2 collections, I don't remember the exact number but the Humongous Senses collections already has 200+ templates . Ok i just check, I have a total of 317 templates between the 2 collections, and a total of 13262 minted NFTs between both collections .

Oh wow that is some amount . Have you looked at any other markets to sell your NFTs ?

I listed a NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain to test the waters, still up for sale. I also had some experience with BitClout and I really liked it, for some external reasons I lost my account there but I'm going to go back definitely. All of that said I work mainly with Wax, the bulk of my work is there.

Of course . What is your NFTs designs based on ?

I generally don't have a fixed inspiration . The way that I create stuff is by doodling . May be by drawing some lines editing one of the pictures that i took until it clicks . 2 weeks ago I was cleaning my yard and i found some pieces of broken brick . That made my inspiration click and I took them and made a NFT out of it

How do you created your NFTs ?

I would say that I made 80%+ of my NFTs on my phone . In the beginning it was all edit based, i would take pictures around my house and edit them to fit my imagination .

What programs you using on your phone ?

In the beginning I used PicsArt I used it before to edit photos and when the entire NFT storm showed up in my life it turned out to be a great tool0 I also use Motionleap to add some movement to some of my NFTs, it was a amazing recommendations from SingularNFTs. The app Nomad for 3d sculping on mobile and Sketchbook for drawing.

How long does it take to make a NFT ?

Timing is always changing, I play around with the base until I find some inspiration sometimes it takes some minutes, other times I have to wait some days to come back to it .

Whats your favourite you have created ?

I could say that it was the Ever changing Coin, it was one of my first blender pieces

Can we have a pic ?

NiftyBC from MORBS gave a lot of help with that he has amazing tutorials on YouTube and is overall a amazing person.

Nifty is a gent alright . Why is this your favorite NFT ?

I put a lot of work into with all the details and I love how it came out .

Thats fair enough . Have you done many collabs ?

Yeees, with my Wonderland pack I did collabs with DogecoinKid, CatFresh and Ein_Art. After that I've done collabs with NyteWolf, M.O.R.B.S, DaPrankster, SillyPsyBen, Zombae and Pizza Slice. Looking towards making even more collabs, I can say that there is a collab with JRG coming soon and some others are in the works.

How have you not worked with that you would love to work with ?

I would love to work with Senor Lupe, Blockchain Blunts, Lootcakes, Miggy, MTC, and so many more .

Do you collect NFTs yourself ?

Yeees I love to collect all the different art around the Blockchain . Always trying to get some when i have the WAX to spare

Whats the biggest collection you have in your wallet at the moment ?

I have a lot of MORBS, Boneheads, Senor Lupe and Pizza Slices

Who is your favourite artist ?

Humm I don't know if i have a favorite because there is so much out there but one person that I definitely look up to and that has helped me a lot is Bohn from Boneheads .

Ah . What's the one lesson you would pass on to a new artist coming into NFTs ?

Don't be afraid to network, specially on Wax I'm a person with a lot of anxieties and that can be a challenge to get out there, share my work and get to know new people . But Wax is very community based and that really helps in everyway, it's good to always push ourselves to break those self imposed limits .

How does your family feel about your project ?

At first they were a bit skeptical. I'm 19 and I just came off high school, unfortunately didn't get into a university so they expect me to go after things .They only started really understanding that this was something good when they saw the fruits of my labor .

Now for a few questions about you !!!

Where you from ?

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil .

Is NFT big there have you brought any friends into the wax world ?

NFTs aren't that big in Brazil yet, specially due to some limitations like most currencies are only obtainable with dollar but it's definitely growing, you have people like JRG that already had a following in Brazil and now with NFTs is gaining a even bigger international following . It really opens doors and i can see even more people joining it .

Tell us something random about yourself ?

I'm a tarot reader haha . I've been on the Spiritual and Astrological world since I was 13-14 and I try to apply some of the stuff that I know on my NFTs. So it isn't that uncommon to find a description talking about something relating to those topics on my collections .

What is your full time job ?

NFTs are my full time job .

Nice so how many hours a day you spend on your NFTs ?

On a good day I would say at least 5-6 hours . When I start creating I can't stop so I try to tackle more projects after I'm finished .

Of course what will we catch you doing when your not working on your nfts ?

I love to play videogames and I also talk a lot haha, you can probably find me on a random group talking a lot

Nothing wrong with that . Do you hold any crypto other then wax ?

Not yet, most of the stuff that I hold are involved with WAX like Cait and Aether .

Ok but you are interested . Where can the community keep up to date with your project ?

They can follow me on twitter at

and they can join my telegram group

Any chance of a drop or giveaway for the readers ?

I can set one up and give you the link in some minutes

Here .

It's a whitelisted link . Only that ppl that open the drop thru this link are going to be able to claim a free coin

Oh brilliant thank you so . You are going to Wax-a-palooza do you have anything special planned for it ?

Yeees . I'm going to have 4 exclusive NFTs dropping at the Wax-a-palooza, one of them is going to be free .

Any sneak peaks ?

Awh thats cutie . So before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add for the readers ?

We can always improve, as artists and as people. Sometimes we stumble but don't let that you stop you, get back up and keep walking.

That should be on the back of your NFTs as your signature . Marcus thanks so much for your time .

Thank you for giving me this opportunity ❤️

Any time .

Thanks to Marcus for his time and for the free NFT check out more of his collection here .

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great article as always crackers, love learning more about this artist!

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1 year ago

One of the underated artist! He is a talented guy,, surely!

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1 year ago

A collection with the name "Marcus and The Mind of Madness" definitely draws my attention

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1 year ago

He is a really good artist

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1 year ago

Great interview mate . Looks like Marcus has a bright future ahead! I love his attitude , and his artwork is excellent; especially for someone who is limited to mobile editing . That makes it all the impressive! Thank you Marcus , and best of luck to you!

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1 year ago

I totaly agree

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1 year ago

They are really cute 🥰

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1 year ago

EPIC! cool NFT's too. I am super impressed most are done oh the phone.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the interview and the NFT drop! Only 65 copies too! Good luck to Marcus, he has some interesting art!

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1 year ago

Yea he is a really talented artist

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1 year ago