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Meet the artist behind the Chair project

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6 months ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist

So as I go deeper meeting new artist I always like to find a project that stands out or should I say pull up a chair and my god this project has lots of chairs so let find more .

Hey how you today ?

Good and you ?

I am great you working on your project today ?

Every day I working on chair universe I love this.

How did you discover NFTs in the first place ?

I was on the beach skating, and a friend told me about NFTs, that was basically it, this guy's name is Daniel.

Where you alright involved in crypto ?

Wax blockchain . Coming soon on Opensea ( maybe...) I think about that .

Why did you decide to start creating ?

I worked in a furniture store, and I designed chairs whenever possible, in isometric vision. I almost got fired for it hahahhahaha. As I've had a passion for collecting since I was a child, I decided to start designing my universe of collectibles. I didn't mean that I was a chair designer, I was just the delivery person at the store hahahaa, I drew chair sketches for fun anyway, I repeated it all day, all sales and order blocks had chairs on the back

So you you brought you chair drawings into WAX as a project ?

Yes, I have on my Instagram @chairoficial, a collection of 150 handprinted items, it's a collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps etc... Now I'm consolidating in the world of NFTs .

Oh really so you had merch before you had NFTs ?

Yes I have been doing this since 2019 .

When did you drop your first NFT from the project ?

In August of this year I think .

What was the first NFT ?

How did the community react ?

Hello world " is something you use in software programming, you always type that every time you start a project, it's a culture. I used that phrase because of that. I was starting a big project and decided to allude to programming. Nobody knew me at first, my customers didn't buy anything, in my country young people don't know what nfts are, they don't really care. I sold about 5 dollars in the first kakakakaka month and then things went well thanks to God.

Do you a community now ?

Yes . The kindest community I could have, the guys are real collectors, they have a collector's spirit. We are a kind of club, a secret society .

What has been your favorite chair to create ?

There is no way to answer that, it is very difficult. I can say that one of the ones I liked the most to launch was the Persian carpet chair.

Can I ask why ?

She's a carpet, which makes a very stylish chair, and the colors are really beautiful, it's cool tones that catch your eye, she's just beautiful, I fell in love with her.

You recently dropped your new chairs animal chairs how are they doing ?

Collectors always buy everything very fast, I know they are in good hands.

How do you making your NFTs ?

It's all ready by hand on paper, and then I pass the sketches to the computer.

Do you use any programs ?

Adobe illustrator only this .

How long does each NFT take to create ?

This is very relative, it can take hours or even days. The creative process is very mysterious.

Have you collab with anyone yet ?

Yes, with a local clothing brand, Fracta. I'm on my second collaboration with The Blessed skate shop, and I'm collaborating with Robert Bohn, a really cool artist from New York.

Yea I know Bohn arts that's brilliant . Who would be your dream collab ?

Yes, it really is, it surprises. I don't have a dream collaboration, I believe my dream collaboration revolves around being real, real art taking place, no matter who it is.

Do you collect NFTs ?

Yes, I really like collecting NFTs.

Whats the biggest collection in your wallet ?

I have a lot of stuff, but I think my biggest collection is The Lost Masks. It's a collection that my friends created, it's just addictive hahahahah. (I started buying to support and now I'm wanting everything hahahaha)

Ha ha thats great you support him . Whats been the hardest part of doing your project ?

Understanding how NFTs works .

What has been the best part of your project ?

The part I community to create unique pieces, what I call "unique chairs" .

When is the next drop ?

I think tomorrow. I'm releasing new stuff everyday. As I release very little, I will release every day this week.

Brilliant tell us something random about you ?

Hmmmm. I like to skate.

What you like to do to unwind ?

Watch series, movies, play video games, read and exercise.

Where can the community keep up with your project ?

Anyone can follow me on twitter

And on instagram @chairoficial,

Anyone can message me with questions or suggestions, I read all messages.

Where can they buy your nfts ?

They can buy from neftyblocks

But people can buy them in the secondary collector market:

Both on twitter and on instagram there is a link in the bio redirecting to the drops official site.

Any chance of a giveaway for the readers?

Bro! Excellent idea, you are great! I'm going to set aside some cards to give them away. Either I separate cards to give to everyone, or I draw 1 unique chair.

Brilliant up to you . What would you like the readers to do to win ?

Hmmmm, I think I can create a post, pin it to my profile, and make some demands. Then I make an online drawing and present the winner. All my followers will love this hehahaha

Oh nice before we finish up is there anything else you would like to add or say to the readers ?

First, many thanks to you and the readers and collectors alike, they make it all work. I would also like to say that I am obsessed with what I do, I will not stop, the chair universe is just beginning, buy your piece now so you don't regret it. Spoiler bonus: official website coming soon.

Oh nice thank you so much for your time .

Thanks so much .

Anytime .

So check out the artist Twitter page and check out his NFTs waiting for a giveaway link as soon as I get it Il add it here

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Written by   617
6 months ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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Wow so beautiful

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5 months ago

Someone referred your article. I found it worth reading. The information is distributed in well-articulated questions. It requires a good time to read and understand. Great job.

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6 months ago

This is a great one from you a d what that intrigues me so much is the fact that I've now known where to buy the NFTs which I've been clamouring for all these years a d then I really do want to participate in the giveaway

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6 months ago

Let me know when you do the giveaway

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6 months ago

Following him on Twitter for further updates :)

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6 months ago