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Meet the artist behind MyPork1984

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1 month ago
Topics: WAX, Artist, NFT

So thanks to my mate Catarax who hooked me up with this great artist who shares his WAX creation account with his son and my god both are as talented as the other


Hey man

How's things ?

I went to get an oil change only to find out the manufacturers coverage expired and I don’t have 100 right now for one.

Nothing worse .

My apologies man I was hoping to be seated in the customer lounge waiting for service to be completed.

Shit happens man lol . So welcome anyway so how's today going for you ?

Going well. Been working since roughly 7am. How’s yours?

Day off today so just been chatting in crypto world .

Nice! I’m sure $SHIB is a topic .

Nope not at all .

Lol. I’m a noob so I’m fomo on crypto . When I knew about it years ago I was broke and almost homeless with a family.

Ah I try not to fomo but it does happen . What got you into crypto in the first place?

Fomo lol. I saw stuff on the news about 5 years ago and knew a couple friends who were mining at the time. About 2 years ago I approached my boss/friend and told him to buy button. He didn't and when I saw the rise I was shutting myself. So I started to learn a little here and there. Just enough to tall about it but not an SME. All that research lead me to NFTs.

Ah really what was the reason you jumped into NFTs ?

I have never been on Twitter or Telegram or Discord until early this year. But I was always on LinkedIn being I consider myself a professional lol. I saw a post about how a $199 investment brought $6k in return. So I wanted to find out how, I had started a new job again and needed money asap. Come to find out it was an NBA TopShot pack and the guy pulled a LeBron.

I was already an avid sportscard collector so when I saw a digital pack on a "blockchain" etc. I shit myself. I registered immediately and tried to buy packs not knowing how it worked. Getting in the Twitter space is what helped. So many helpful and gracious people. I hear my sons online gaming and the toxicity....that doesn't exist in this realm.

So was Wax the first blockchain you discovered about NFTs ?

Yes. Aw man!! Talk about a kid in a candy store!

When did you decide to start creating ?

I found wax through Twitter saw some crazy red bearded young man posting photos of himself in front of White Castle and thought Holy shit some random guy takes a photo and sells it? Of him at a burger joint? I later found out it was Kenneth Bosack

The Atomic hub lead me down a rabbit hole of my childhood Atari GPK Monsters of Rap...whatever was out early this year on wax I was window shopping like crazy and scrounging pennies to buy Wax . All of these brought back feeling .

Feelings of me in drafting class and as a little kid when I was drawing everything I saw . Then I found girls and sports and sports cards and I never really drew much again. Here and there doodles Beavis and Butthead Simpsons a lot of Warner Bros . This past year with the help of my son, my love for doodling and drawing is back

That's brilliant to hear so how did you decide on your project ?

My son and I started Bullcollabs on the Atomic hub to start posting mostly his work. As the parent I wanted to monitor everything etc. But at the same time be able to draw and mint my own art and collabs with my son.

So your quite like tidybuts then work together on there project ?

No, I haven't worked on any project asides my own. I do however have a couple collabs with my son and some other artists coming out soon.

What was the first NFT you minted on wax ?

It was a collection we called XenarthToonz and it was a character named Taske. He was creating character and using names of what they were from foreign languages. Taske means bag in Dutch I think.

Then there were others in that collection. Still a work. You know how time is lol

Of course how did the community react ?

My boy Irish on Twitter absolutely loved them. Lol. He was about the only one but it didn't matter!!! We had an original piece of art on the blockchain and nobody can ever change that

Awh Irish haven't seen him about in a while . How NFTs have you released since?

I honestly don't know. Maybe 20 to 30? Lately it has been derivatives of my favorite project right now pork1984 . I work 14 to 16 hours a day and it is really hard to get stuff done in the NFT world . We ultimately like everyone else want to do this full time.

When is your next release ?

I'm working on a collab with 3 other artists. That should be dropping in a week or so. I'm working on some cool projects here and there again time is that mother fucker! Im envious of those that can just do their art all day and go to sleep...yeah right...and wake up and do more art. Family. Art. NFTs. Idk what else a person could ask for. Lol

And trust me, I use the word artist on myself EXTREMELY LOOSELY! Lol I just admire the real artists.

Awh stop anyone who creates NFTs is an artist !!! Any sneak peaks ?

I hope the pattern on the pants doesn't give it away but it might to true hardcores.

Ha ha ha love it what has been your favorite NFT to create so far ?

5p4c3d_0dd1s3y and Pig and Porky .

Ha ha I have the pig and porky love it . Did they take long to create ?

The first one did. Its a GIF. My son helped animate. The Pig and Porky was a blast doing. I want to do much more maybe even a comic strip

I think there is a few artist now talking about doing a comic strip . What programs you use to create ?

Everything Adobe. I have no idea what I'm doing though . I have to take classes. Its mostly for my son. He is on his tablet and PC creating all the time

Oh right and does he has own account for creating or does release on yours?

Its his account. He did fan art for Bosack that was really popular and sold out in a minute. Kenn gave all the proceeds to my son 1k! He bought himself a big ass tablet to draw on and I with the balance I help him pay for the Adobe monthly package for all of their software.

You should check out the collection on the secondary. Super cost effective.

Oh wow so he keeps you in wax lol can I ask what age is he ?

He has me in and out. I'm on Opensea too. He just turned 14 .

Oh wow so he is 14 and producing some animal NFTs . How do you find Opensea?

Because I was in crypto first, I tried minting not knowing what I was doing. I did it through my MetaMask wallet and they ended up on Opensea. So I tripped into it.

Ha ha ha and which blockchain do you prefer ?

Man..... Wax for the show, ETH for the dough!!

Who is your favorite NFT artist ?

Senor Lupe I love him I love his art. Again its nostalgic. Trust me I love Beeple I love Bosack a lot!!! But Lupe has me man.

How many collabs have you done and who would be your dream collab ?

Only collabs have been with my son so far and Senor Lupe would be the dream. But I have a couple dropping with a few artists soon

Nice so we have them to look forward to . What is the biggest collection in your wallet ?

In my wallet it's Yoshi Drops .

Is this the dream to be a full time NFT artist ?

Just being involved with NFTs overall! I want to be able to be in crypto and NFTs forever.

So I am guessing your invested in a lot of different crypto projects ?

Yes. All over the place. I’m small increments. I wish I would have done this earlier.

I know the feeling how does your family feel about your project ?

They love it! It’s better when it becomes tangible. Our projects make pennies which is fine with me. It’s the profit from selling specific NFT projects that help pay the bills. I flip some and hodl is hat I love.

Have brought many people into NFT world ?

Have I? Maybe a few. I try explain…you’ve seen the memes. Lol I have some other stuff brewing in the NFT space that I can’t talk about due to NDAs. Soon though!

So we will have to wait and see . Tell us something random about you ?

I use to be a Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division .

Oh wow when did you retire or get released ?

1999 then I was out and about for a few years. Then spent 10 years in Kuwait Iraq and some of Afghanistan.

Wow you got around have settle now are working a 9 to 5 job ?

More like 5 to 7

Oh 14 hour days what you work as ?

At least. I am in renewable energy. Anything Solar and Electric Vehicle Before al this I was planning on being a partner with this company. I mean it would be great but I would prefer NFTs.

I think that's all NFT artists dreams .where can we keep up to date with your project ?

Yeah for real. That’s the goal but we have to pay the bills first. I’m just really happy to be part of this space as it is growing in real time.

Do you have your discord or telegram channel ?

I don’t. There is no way I have the time for that currently.

So just twitter ?

Yes sir

Where can we buy your NFTs ?

On the Atomic Hub. Search for BullCollabs1 in the marketplace.

Any chance of a drop or a competition for the readers ?

What I can do is the first 50 NFTers who DMs me by 8PST will get a free WAX NFT from my wallet. If you would like one out of my collection they would have to do it from the second Market.

Perfect . So before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add?

Just that I am extremely humbled for this. Being able to share my journey is unbelievable. I can’t wait for what’s coming next!

That's the exciting part of being in this community .

Man. I am so blessed to be a part of this.

Aren't we all

Amen brother.

So the first 50 to follow and DM him on twitter will get a free WAX NFT . Plus check some of his other work very undervalued .

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Written by   471
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, Artist, NFT
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Oh My, they are soo cute I want to have one. I'll go to Twitter now. Thanks

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Heading to Twitter

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Cheers! 😁

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