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Meet the artist behind Future's Relic

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1 year ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist

So I came cross the artist a while back and never reached but came across him recently after he reached out to me and I happily wanted to chat about his project .



How you man ?

Alright man, and yourself?

Just starting my day and I am guessing your just finishing . Do anything exciting today ?

lol Yes, today I had a big event! The Final Cut! All Blends are now open! So 54 Slides blend into 7 Slideshows (there are 6 rarities of slideshows and they all blend) Uncommon - 29 A & Bs Preview blend into 29 [Chance of 1 in 4 outcomes - Mono, Colour, Bad or Reflex Viewfinder] Rare - 29 Negatives blend into 29 Positives which blend into 29 Lenticulars Epic - 64 Cellulose blend into 26 Sequences (will blend further in the future into 7 and then into 1) Legendary - 26 Scroll Plans & Scripts blend into 26 Storyboards Mythic 7 Mutoscope Reels will blend into 1 full mutoscope . Normal day y'know

Oh wow so busy day how did it go when they went live?

Well I have 2 major fans who had a lot of fun blending, the rest will come along usually. Its a shame because I think I would set records with this collection, it's insanely big .

Well you still can set records . So how did this all being how did you discover NFTs?

Last year when Shatner came out with his NFTs, I had just overheard it and thought to myself that I should really check this out, if Shatner is into crypto, that's a nice lead to go... I only got into it in January of this year when the news of a sale for 6 or 60 millions was announced from OpenSea, and then I thought to myself "f*ck! I knew I should've checked it sooner!"

Where you aware NFT on Wax ?

Not at all, at first I ended up on Marble and I was about to spend some cash to mint some first articles from RollingStones website lol then I thought "wait a minute, this can't be NFTs"... not what I was looking for at least In no time I found OpenSea, and as quickly I figured out it was for an class way upper than I... I thought "this can't be a dead end, there has to be free NFTs..." That's how I found the King of NFTs and the Shatner collection with Deadmaus... I explored the dApps section on the dashboard from - Explored the big ones - RPlanet, AlienWorlds etc I was able to purchase some nice AW Tools on time before they went up in price .

Oh cool so you been here before Alienworld exploded and did you come to WAX wanting to create a project ?

Oh yeah - I'm a multi tasker / jack of all trades - and this is the perfect playground to do everything I like to do all at once! I came up with at least 15 other ideas before this one. I was looking for a someone to team-up with, but no one would "get it" everyone was like.... "so it's not even real cards?" "who's going to buy that?" . So I would search more and come up with more ideas or things that i wanted to do... that's where, instead of going like "No, that's too tough to do" I would just place that idea on a different future project, so I never stop the idea train... after a month of ideas and sounding like the crazy guy at work

I decided that I needed something already completed to begin with, to kind of set a "proof of concept" . I took a short film that I did in school over ten years ago - we were eight to work on this, with countless hands on deck - and I broke the film down into so many different pieces of Film, Slides, Negatives, Scrolls, even an Old style "Flip Book" machine called a Mutoscope!

I think to work in NFTs or the crypto trade you have to be a grafter. Its all all about working smarter so your first series was a project you did was as team in school and I have to say I love that NFT . How did the community react ?

I would say Favorably - at first I introduced Future's Relic with a Telegram as a drop

This thing, on July 1st, Canada Day .

Then this postal card .

All of these were free drops and of course they went fast! My "puns" worked because a lot have seen that telegram... anyways, after that was the letter and the Help Wanted sign So to brief it down

It all began when a lucky traveler going by the name of Mr. Curious sent us some correspondences detailing how he had found film sets out in the desert. Furthermore, he donated everything to us so that we may try and piece it back together. This is no light task, help is required.

Agfa, Panavision, LOMOchrome, Kodak EktaChrome, Fuji, made-up company I tried to appeal to even photographers lol and I went technical too... in the passed three weeks, I dropped a Sonio Operating Instructions, SDK: Slide Developing Kit and a Sketcbook from wwhich you rip blank pages to use with a pencil to create Skecthes

Oh wow so you are gamifying your NFTs?

Yeah that's how it became kinda! At first I had the pieces to put together, but once I realized that I needed more "normal" stuff, I went with the flow and connected everything sort of... lol and made this monster.

Oh cool and is this still a one man project ?

Yes, apart from the creation of the short film, it's a rambo project.

Ah so I am guessing alot of long hours so ?

Yes, since March, I've focused a lot on the art, I was hoping to launch around may, and then June, and then July arrived and I launched on the 1st on Canada Day. I even changed the date on the telegram NFT just before uploading it because finally it was that date. When you're your own client, it's easy to push deadlines .

But with a wife and kids and full time work, you have to juggle a lot of sleep out of it . Roll back to Feb.-March, I was trying to complete the tutorials on CryptoZombie to learn how to code, and that's when I figured that there was no-way that I could get fluent enough within 3 months to complete a project. So that's where I decided to focus ONLY on art, and that at some point I would surely find some dev or some partner... all delusions haha

And are you still actively looking for a partner and what would there roll be?

Hell yeah! I've so many ideas and so many phases left even for this project. Today I opened all blends in an event I'm calling The Final Cut - other events that I've planned and announced since the initial launch, it's all in our "Sandpaper". There will be The Premiere afterwards, where we will present the film, so there needs to be a full copy of the film. So I want either an API to show the film on our website, or maybe in one of the metaverses like Uplift or Immersys and more! But I'm only one man!

And that's all game talk . Film talk, I intend on making this a platform that's extendable to other films that may not have a lot of coverage . Just the school I went to, per year, they produce at least 9 films at Mel's Studios in Montreal where big films like 300 and Gladiators were shot.

I can say this - come Halloween, we are launching a side project for a gore B-movie film of feature length - 90 minutes

Oh cool how many NFTs will be involved?

So it's a special collection, the creator wants to offload a bunch of DVDs, so we will make every pack include a redeemable NFT it will be signed by the producers and all the idea is still in dev there will be digital versions also

Oh wow can you say the movie ?

Yes it's called Gnomercy!

Any sneak peak of the NFTs ?

It's a low budget gore 80s style B-Movie .

Oh nice how many NFTs have you created so far ?

My spreadsheet says over 1400. but who's counting...

Oh is total minted how many schemes

This is on Wax Blockchain right, so I have over 1400 Templates, of which there are many assets minted of each templates. I've 8 schemas

What has been your favorite one ?

I put so much effort into all of them but I have to say... the Production Instruments are really kick ass, I spent 2 weeks researching just to nail the style

I'm rendering a quick gif for you to see .

But otherwise, the Mutoscope is surely my best one, and then the Cellulose - that's like a film strip, it's animated and even has audio - narrated in french and subtitled in english

They are class you like the olden look why is that your favorite ?

In an ever digital world, I love it, but it's untouchable... the old, the vintage, we've held it in our hands, and the feel it by just looking at it, I think I've nailed it. Also, Future's Relic, kinda back to the future "Relics once were brand new" .

Like us lol . How do you create your NFTs ?

Using a Microsoft Paint just kidding, would you imagine. After Effects, Photoshop, Cinema 4d, I render everything to PNG sequences and I put everything in a container using Avidemux. If I need transparency I'll use Gifs but they are so heavy

Wow are most of them paid apps !

Adobe and cinema 4d yes avidemux is free there are many options with open source

How long does it take to create each NFT?

Well because it's a short film of about 6 minutes, then all I had to do was to create a face for each type that I wanted. But when you build as you go, sometimes the projects aren't as clean as they should be so it gets tricky and takes longer. I've been on this since March and I launched on July 1st. Now, I whip up a drop every week since July 1st, and even when one time, I pulled a pack drop in 4 days including a premint!

Have done any collabs within the NFT world yet ?

Not yet, and not that I haven't tried! There's one that's on standby until some condition is fulfilled with a giveaway, it's fine and not as daunting as it sounds lol I'd say that the best collaborations so far has been with the likes such as yourself Of course I have to mention how well I was received by the community and all of those times that The Shift Pod Cast have taken me on air to talk about my project, it helped immeasurably!

Who would be your dream collab ?

I'll talk "ball parks" and then I'll point the finger .

Of course !!!

I want more visibility so I was looking to piggy-back a little bit. But I don't like to just take, I want to give too! So I was looking for a collab with some alignment with mine, to advance my story and merging their style! 2. Staking platforms are all the rave these days, and with good reason! You get to have dope NFTs which give you some return of something!

But who would you like to create a NFT with ?

So as a collab, I'd sure like to combine my Office ideas with Jonezy's CorpWorld Hell - also Office themed.

As for the staking partnership - all eyes are on WaxArena, and for good reasons as the NFTs remain in the wallet! Allowing for gamification.. some staking platforms take your NFTs away while they're staked. Can't even show them off lol

But all in all, I'm still a "newb" in this space, I don't know all the other projects and many of them offer some return on investment, I'm sure I could whip up something myself but it's not something I've ever done .

I know Jonezy quite well lovely guy I can ask him for you ? Do you collect NFTs ?

lol do I . I'm the first to complete the Mythic Personnel set . I managed to get my hands on a Coven of the HR #2 mint, only 3 minted.

Oh wow . So is Jonezy your favorite artist ?

I guess so lol I like wordplays and clever stuff and he took an office theme and just made it shine... or burn lol

A bit of both you could say . What's the biggest collection in your wallet?

Currently WaxArena, UltraComix and then Jonezy .

There are many games out there but I've mainly focused on the trading cards I guess... when you work alone on a project this size, you can't spend a lot of time playing games even though WaxArena is a fighting game that's about to open soon

I am guessing you have a big interest in gaming NFTs ?

I guess it's a fear of missing out I've seen some early players and what they can make out of those games... its insane lol .

I know the fear FOMO !!!! What's the best lesson you have learnt creating?

I cannot aim a deadline.. I always undershoot it. Sleep can be adjusted.

We can all sleep when were dead lol

When you put off all aspirations to go out, its amazing how much time you have to create I sleep once a week, and when I do, it's in a chair.

Of wow that's hardcore . How does the family about the project ?

At first, my wife didn't understand NFTs, but she had endured me for a few week trying to come up with an idea. And I'm the troubleshooting type, so I rarely stop. When I told her that I was going to take the short film that I had made in film school and break it up into pieces, she got it a bit more. And after seeing the Storyboard cards, the Cellulose and Slides and a bit of the concept that was developing, she really understood.

Is this a full time job ?

No I work at the news station so I'm used to doing interviews but from behind a camera lol

Have you brought anyone into NFT world ?

Trying, but everyone is either very skeptical still or into ETH or OpenSea mostly. Everyone I've spoken to anyway. I would start explaining at first, and even the most Straight-up clean projects appear crazy to the normal people... So now I always tell them, "I'm telling you, it's really "crazy"...

Ha ha ha I know the feeling . Tell us something random about yourself ?

I'm a so all around that I lost myself and I think I'm still lost. Can't even find an answer to that simple question and then I just did

Ha ha you said you were a camera man what has been the weirdest story you have had to record about ?

Nice, well yes! I work in the news so I've covered a lot of political stuff - I've been fortunate enough to land a very safe job in studio. I've seen powerful political figures strolling into canada and they are quite funny and its neutralizing when you meet some of them. Placing a mic and having a small chat with them, and even seeing them have chats in between opposing parties at time, that's always fun to see them agree or start hazing each other. The weirdest I've filmed I guess was while touring some quebec festivals and shows and filming backstage /on stage with a flycam - all access is really awesome, and you inevitably see weird stuff. I can say that I've had great interactions with all of the Canadian political leaders- not all of them would recognize me right now, but one would.

Why would one ?

"of the people" kind of person, and remembers faces... until power surges of course lol . The weirdest thing, if you will, is kind of "all the time"... when Trump was in power, you needed a very big scandal for even canadian news to cover canadian content... if Trump farted, all cams were on the White House . Now I guess that Biden is boring lol and its covid news all the time .

What you like to do for fun when your not working or creating NFTs ?

We love to take the kids places and have them explore - playing music, videogames But I'm a geek, and getting near 40 so I'm really trying to fix myself a pension plan

So crypto is a long term plan ?

I'm trying although my plan is day by day lol at least my investment is my own creation so I can be sure of my own dedication and I can surely trust myself, so that settles that. Now I just need to convince a whole bunch of people that it's worth it... "psst, it's worth it!" . I'd love to have some sort of tokenomics in my NFTs, I'm sure I'll find some staking platform or create my own token if it helps, but I want to do it right.

I know you don't need to convince me . Where can the community keep up with your project ?

I've a website I've telegram, Discord, Twitter, instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and I try to update everything as much as I can, in between busy season at work and all and family life.

My project relies on NeftyBlocks for all packs, blends and superblends . I've invested as much as I could afford for now in nefty to keep some premium features

Are the links on your website ?

So all drops are on NeftyBlocks right now . Yes and a lot of explaining mixed with some RPG storyline . You see this project has two parallel parts, sort of The Wellekeeper and Future's Relic . Future's Relic is where the user comes in as an Intern and starts opening Intern Packages and make Stacks of Documents.

But when you turn those Stacks of Documents you get some Wax Seals and the whole Stacks had really picked up people spent a lot to get the rarer one and The Wellkeeper is the film pieces that were found in the desert by the Curious traveler by doing some Intern tasks and recycling some Documents you gain Wax Seals and 36 of those gets you a 6 pack of The Wellkeeper NFTs so there is a Play to Earn aspect to it . Once I get a lot more players then this would boost up in value there are so many pieces and they will become scarce because they need to be blended to get the next "tiers" or longer pieces we're making a film here, so 64 pieces are blending into 26 and then 7 and then the 1

So that's how I made it cross over, because the whole Internship began as the Promo phase lol I made Future's Relic on the fly the Wellkeeper is what took months to prepare

Sounds good do you have any promos we could give to some of the readers or maybe a lil giveaway

Yes I do, I've some Help Wanted signs, they contain everything you need to change a Studio Instrument into a Production Instrument Those are needed to blend The Wellkeeper pieces, so Interns prepare those instruments for editors to blend them. It's genius and poetic! And I'll throw in a few Editor Packages! And also, a few small canisters for giveaways! Have some for yourself!

Those Help Wanted signs are Packs . Everything is a pack !

Happily so before we finish up i have to say a thank you for working with over the last few days and staying up late to get it done do you have anything to add or say to the readers ?

This link is to a Drop for 1 wax, it's the Crew Call Sheet and will unlock the purchase of all the other pages - and they describe all the blends available in The Final Cut

Well I'd say that in this space of NFTs, all ideas are somewhat valid now. It's a really fun place to start something and test yourself if you can pull it off on your own. The answer is Yes, you can. Should you? Yes, but also maybe not... get a team! haha Just keep in mind that Communication is the key, but Interpretation is the lock. That is all. Get into my project it's filled with Easter Eggs and Puns and ..LFG!!!

Love it man thank you so much for your time its been a pleasure .

Thank you infinitely crackers! Loved it! I felt the Lights and cameras on me lol . Now I can remove this makeup lol

That's why I here to put the lights on the artist and his project they deserve it plus if you put the makeup on that was your choice lol

Figurative makeup .

So drop your wax address and you might get a lil surprise.

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Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist
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