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Meet the Artist behind Formula won

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5 months ago

So I am a mad formula one fan so when I seen this guys Twitter page I had to hit him to find out more about his project and I am so happy he choose to chat to me his NFT's are really cool if your into F1 and even if your not

Hey how's things ?

heyo , Perfect

Let me just say I love the project !!!!

Thank you

Not a problem so I am guessing your a F1 fan

For sure. Not a lifer though. I just found F1 about 5 years ago . I am American so it is not the biggest deal here

I know you have Nascar and Indy 500 and I know F1 have only started racing in America how come you choose F1 ?

I love the precision, excellence, and prestige. Rednecks going in circles (NASCAR) doesn't do it for me . So much great drama and action in F1 . Indy is ok. It is where F1 drivers retire

Well Alonso went there and came back

Yeah he knows and I'm not sure how much Grosjean will like it . We have Mexico City, Austin Texas, and Montreal races in North America so there is still action here for F1 fans and Miami next year

Is Miami a street race or a track ?

track at hard rock stadium, where the football team plays

Miami Grand Prix to join F1 calendar in 2022, with exciting new cir...

Formula 1 is heading back to Florida, with the news that the brand-new Miami Grand Prix will join the F1 calendar in 2022.

So who is your favorite driver ?

Oooo tough one prob a toss up between max and lando and Leclerc is pretty great too I think Russell is great too and could be a champion bummer about his drive in Lewis car last season

I know so what made you decide to start makings ?

I got into crypto a few years back from the technology side and have always been an artist as a side hustle.
I saw an opportunity to monetize what has always been a passion while serving an ignored fanbase in the space, so i went for it. I have done a few projects on OpenSea and apply a lot of that learning to what we are doing here.

So you started in Opensea and now you have come to wax community how come the jump ?

I am polychain BTC technology WAX playing games and collecting cards ETH more gallery pieces and pixel collections . we are doing something interesting at the end of the season where we are auctioning off the #1 mints on OpenSea, not WAX . The auction of the #1 2021 Champion mint includes an autographed driver helmet or 2 tickets to a 2022 race . My goal is to have this project be cross chain, with the majority of activity on WAX, where we can reach the most amount of fans and reasonable prices . The ETH activity is geared towards the whales and a more mainstream fan base

Oh wow that is some set up who has signed the driver helmet and what race can they win ?

We are announcing the details at right before our first blend event on 11/19 . I have to let the season progress a little more and see what travel with covid looks like we are still getting races cancelled like Turkey , Japan and Russia are off the table, they are too expensive for our first season

I know and what is the highest bid at the moment ?

no bids yet, we haven't minted on Opensea the champ mint will start at 1 eth and we will see how it goes We can't mint the champ card until we see standings towards the end of the season anyways likely mid nov/early dec we should know

Yea well lets just say it will be either Max or Lewis !!!!!

Totally We have both already designed.

Any chance of a sneak peak ?

spoilers. we are going to do a big marketing push for the champ set towards the end of season 5 cards make the champ set: 1st, 2nd, 3rd drivers and 1st, 2nd constructors

Well you can start making 1st and 2nd constructors lol

haha Its an easy season to predict bar the unexpected, it should be a merc/redbull fight all season lando and ric might be a good 3rd, we will see

I think Ferrari will come 3rd

That's going to be the excitement this season I think Ferrari vs Mclaren

Yea so who long is it taking to make each helmet ?

It took me a few days at the beginning of the season to get the basic designs down. They are inspired by old school Senna helmets. The time consuming part is all the motion rendering in After Effects for all the rare+ cards Text and actual card layout took some effort too lots more planning than design

What programs you using and will you do retro helmet ?

Mainly Adobe. Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects . Planning on a retro collection of past champions for the offseason

So this is a long term project ?

absolutely until someone from F1 comes knocking on my door 2021 season is mapped out, off season classic collections, 2022 season is already in early design phases

Will we see some cars as well and maybe overview off tracks ?

yup for sure. the constructor cards have topdown view of the cars with a reimagined livery (similar to helmet colorways) The back side of the cards show their home circuit I wanted to do track posters, but we can't be everything

I know how often you hoping to produce a NFT ?

We hope to be minting base editions like crazy, we want as many people to participate as possible! How many base editions we mint will determine the rest. We have to maintain balance for our rarity schema

Promo Packs (3 cards)

* Base 100.0%

Driver Packs (5 cards)

* Base 90.0% * Rare 10.0%

Promo Pack (3 cards) * Base 80.0% * Rare 15.0% * Special Edition 4.5% * Golden Trophy Card 0.5%

Podium Packs (10 cards) * Base 79.0% * Rare 15.0% * Special Edition 5.0% * Golden Trophy Card 1.0%

There are golden tickets hidden in Podium Packs and Paddock Packs. Each card is an entry to a contest to win autographed F1 merchandise. There will be 3 winners announced after the final race of the season. (12/13/2021)

Wow so you really looking to get the community involved with lots of competitions ?

yeah. a ton of community building. that's the name of the game and our activities on the ETH chain are exploring smart contracts with RL components if people can program the deed to their house in an NFT, we can create #1 mints with merch and tickets programed into the contract. should be disruptive to Topps for at least a season lol "my topps baseball cards don't come with tickets, wtf"

Are you afraid Topps might release there own F1 NFT's ?

no, but they might take the idea of programming tickets or merch into the NFTs and run with it . its all fair game

I think that might be more Funko pop

yeah, I am watching their project closely. They are smart over there . They will prob do cool AR work

I do think they will be good for the wax community bring new fans in

for sure and we are looking at eBay now lots of wax sellers already there that should help mass adoption

Yea how has the feedback on twitter been ?

Amazing! Way more than expected.

If you want to keep up with them follow them here

I thought it would be slower, but the F1 community is underserved with NFTs. DeltaTime has a thing, but I think they miss the everyman . There are 2 good OpenSea projects and that's it for F1 . I think the timing is great, we are early and can build a real community of fans

Yea I found you by pure chance and had to hit you up I think my girlfriend was hinting at Riccardo on your twitter lol

That's awesome! I couldn't believe how many people started following us. I am very new to twitter and I think our account is a week old now

I seen you and shared you straight away wax is a great supporting community

Yeah its really an amazing community from CryptomonKeys and Alien World to Bossack and the Topps boys very diverse and inclusive also cryptostache is doing great things for all of us with his videos

So do you would one of Collab helmets with artists ?

yeah, I sent CyberBull a DM yesterday. I am really impressed by what he is doing and think a special card would be amazing we carved out space for 2 Collab cards per season and consider them special edition cards (like the rookie cards)

Will that be on Opensea and WAX ?

I think we have to discuss with each artist about their philosophies. Ideally we would drop on both chains do a limited run with x on one chain and y on the other. #1 mints on their native chain for collectors it is very easy to swap WAX and ETH

By the way you are setting up some discord channel its live

Thank, you feel free to invite people its live we will be streaming old races too.

join up here

Will do we can do a giveaway promoting both hour twitter and your discord and you award a few people with NFT's ?

That sounds amazing

Oh I am guessing your banano fan ?

yeah ban is excellent to teach people

So are a big crypto fan ?

Yeah. I am a believer in BTC and blockchain tech. sovereign individual reading, guy swan listening, custody your keys, HODLR

Ah like myself !!!!!!

Do you have a favorite artist ?

oh man, there are soooooo many on the down low, I take tons of LSD and have a collection of trippy art on OpenSea. You can see the gallery here:

The Space Above

Fully immersive NFT show on Cyber.

All that is to say I wish Alex Grey would join the NFT space. He is a super cool guy and a huge in spo to me as far as people in the NFT space now? The BAYT was a lot of fun to follow and I am enjoying Low Effort Punks a lot. I am more attracted to the community and collections of each artist than I am the actual artist online

That's fair enough so what's your favorite NFT you made ?

Outside of Formula Won?


SuperPixel #013 - SuperPixels | OpenSea

Sticks and stones won't break his bones, but words…

I did a collection called Super Pixels that can't move forward atm because gas prices are too high

This Homelander is one of my favorites


SuperPixel #010 - SuperPixels | OpenSea

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

joker is pretty good too

Wow that yours ?

yeah the whole collection. I kind of shelved the project because no sales + gas is soo high + fwon cards took off , I have the designs done, so if it picks up I can turn up the heat

Yea so what's the next drop ?

Formula WonToday at 7:15 PM

Tonight we drop at midnight! Driver Packs (5 cards) * Base 90.0% * Rare 10.0%

6/11 is when we drop constructor cards and our VR gallery

Oh wow the VR gallery sounds cool

So is tech a normal part of your day job ?

Once upon a time a long time ago I was a little cypherpunk back in the early 90s reading 2600 quarterly and phreaking pay phones up until I started doing this full time I was actually a cannabis executive in the legal market here in California now I do crypto/ NFTs full time

I am looking for help on the project . I am looking for someone to run social media and I am looking for a part time designer I want to do it on a project by project basis and pay in wax

Oh course where would they have to be based ?

Earth I would say as long as their English is good enough to write for social media well, then that's all we need I want to encourage people to be global and digital nomad so if I can help a couple people do that by working together on chain, that's the dream

That's not a problem we can add that in

Any advice for people trying to make it as a NFT artist ?

go for it! put in the work, do the research, don't be scared of anything I flirt with copy-write all day. go right up to the edge worst case you get a cease and desist that you can frame and you need to rework some art.

Love it

So tell us something random about yourself ?

my main twitter is @helix_hacker and I am also a genetic tinkerer. In my very little amount of spare time, I do plant breeding projects and am currently working on a way to sequence DNA, write it to a blockchain, transfer ownership, new owner can 3d print and micropropagate at the genetic information via tissue culture. If I can figure it out, we have a very real way to transport food (and eventually other stuff) as we colonize space. all the tech is there, I just need to put it all together with my decades of plant (cannabis) research

That is random and amazing !!!

What you do for fun ?

Lots of F1, Yoga, Running, Gardening, Reading, Cooking That's tough because I try not to do things that suck so everything is fun.

Ha ha ha love it

Where can we buy your cards ?

Any chance of a competition or a giveaway to the readers ?

Lets do it! I can put 3 of the new packs towards it

Oh brilliant so what would you like the readers do to win

Right now we are in the community building phase, so the more followers to the project the better again, I am new to twitter so I am totally open to what the best practices are

So what you think retweet the article and follow you

follow both of us right? is tagging people effective? like RT and tag 2 people, follow both our accounts

Yea that's what I normal do for giveaway's


Are you whitelisted on atomichub and would you go for tokenheadz app ?

we are whitelisted and I am for sure trying to be on tokenhead I use it all the time for my other collections

Would you like to be on rplanet some day ?

our secondary market is just getting going and we have around 530 assets in the collection right now I'm not a huge rplanet fan tbh I tried staking some of my AW stuff and it wasn't really for me I was too nervous not holding my own NFTs

Ok that's fair enough so before we finish up is there anything else you like the readers to know

We are all learning together. Be patient as we grow. People can ALWAYS reach out via twitter or discord and get a fast response to any issues or questions with the collection Be kind to each other and don't be cunts.

Thanks so much for your time and I will be following your NFT's as I am loving your work

Thanks! I really appreciate your time today. I look forward to doing more things together.

Oh if your up for it I am

So guys enter the competition below and please show this new NFT artist some love and till next time

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$ 0.20 from @D.B.Cooper
$ 0.10 from @bmjc98
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Written by   411
5 months ago
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I don't know how I missed these? Apparently I gave it an upvote but I don't ever remember this? I just saw the link in the Waxapoloza article so clicked it .

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2 months ago

I saw this Artist pass by on my Twitter feed this week when you send the teaser I really hoped it would be this....Best article so far...but hey this was way up my alley

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5 months ago

If u see an artist you cqn qlways drop me a mail about them

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5 months ago

Will do so next time 4 sure

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5 months ago

Meeting new artist again. Thanks bro

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5 months ago

Another day another artist great work man 👍

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5 months ago

Is this the one you were looking for last week?

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5 months ago

No it turns out the guy i was looking for turned out to have robbed the nfts

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5 months ago