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Meet the artist behind Chili Breeze Dimensions

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1 month ago
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I meet this artist on Twitter loved his work and really think he is bringing something different to the table for the collectors plus it reminds of The PJs from the early 2000s he two collections out there one is stop motion and one is just stills so with out further a do lets see what he has to say about his projects .

Hey bro

Hey Bro 😁

How you?

Great mate.

What brought you into the NFT world?

I was interested in investing to start. Looked into gold and silver, came across crypto. I was around when bitcoin 1st launched and couldn't get my head around the way it work...watched a podcast about crypto(maybe bitboy) late 2020 and they had Kenn Bosak on talking NFTs...blew my mind Ì don't want to carry on, but to find out you could sell online art was a revelation.

Where you creating art already?

Yes. I've always drawn, that was my thing as a kid...loved creating my own worlds and characters...I was trying to create a comic book at 19 but no internet and a young family...wouldn't change a thing. As kids grew and left home freed up more time and for 3 yrs I've been doing a bit of everything.

Oh cool why did you pick WAX blockchain for your project?

I went to Rarible 1st and actually had some success...sold 2 pieces for 1.5 and 1.2 Eth , plus cpl smaller sales. Went to Opensea when I found out about that and everything went to shit...The Atomichub setup took me ages to get my head around and I had a bad year last year so I was not in good place most the time...That's over with, I grew balls and made the move and cant say how much of a...I don't know, the community has welcomed me like a brother, its gets me a bit emotional to be honest

We grow as a community so we try to welcome everyone so how you finding it now?

I love it! If anything, for someone not used to much interaction its full a good way. I'm not used to this amount of support...I love it and there's some really great artists on here that are so underrated...I'm home, I'm home at not going anywhere...Thank You to everyone.

When did you launch on WAX?

Only couple weeks ago...Its a long story but I've sorta been part of the BroBro scene from day 1 of my NFT journey...I always watch Kenn and Stache, but I was...lets say financially unable to think of doing anything but post art for free on Opensea for near a year...Its a new year, and lets just say the most important person in my life lived thru it.

Have you applied to be whitelisted?

I've got THUGGYS whitelisted already, very quick...THUGGYS IN ACTION the stop motion collection isn't yet...guess I gotta apply to get that one done to, not sure.

Have you dropped much art here?

Only the THUGGYS and just dropped the 1st THUGGYS IN ACTION stop motion NFT...I've got a whole world and story already mapped out. That's the great thing about Wax, I'm just finally living the dream of sharing my worlds and story's... I've got another 1/1 pfp project in working on, and hopefully some collabs in the near future.

What's the idea behind the project?

I have multiple ideas running thru my head all the time...I should sell them...this is just one that, when I laid the story out, I had to go with it.

So you have a long term project planned on WAX?

Yes...Thuggys will end up with a NFT movie if that makes sense...I got a history and a modern day 'adventure'...Its prob be around 18mnths...but that includes multiple 'still image' series as well as stop motion.

What was the first piece you dropped on wax?

Plus the Pfp and I hope to do some collabs...I still do painting and sculpting which is, lets say on the horror side. That's prob not suited to the Wax market


How did the community react?

I have had nothing but love from the community...shout out to your good self and both have helped more than you think...I never expected the response.

Its are pleasure all artist start off where you are . When is the next drop?

I just dropped THUGGY BROBRO and I think I'm gonna do a stop motion with him...all my models have a 'dodgy' stop-mo skeleton, so that one...and I've got a great crypto stache one in my head I have to do.

Oh cool how do you create your NFTs?

I have 5 different hand-made puppet skeletons or body's is prob best way to describe, plus a skull that is a set shape...I then cover everything in clay, everything(except the earring) is coloured clay, no paint or anything else...I then pose, a bit of touch up in Photoshop...then pull the fresh clay off and build another

How long does each NFT take to create?

Depending on the detail really...Id say,3hrs to make the puppet at the least...that doesn't include the prior design time...but lets say a day...but if we talking stop motion...add couple extra days lol.

Do you have a favourite?

I do but its one I didn't mint...I spent so long making Tommy Chong, filmed him ripped him half apart then realised Id forgotten to put his bloody glasses on...

Can we still have a pic of it?

Love it will be a still or animated?

That's a still, I'm gonna make a cheech n chong one that'll be still and stop motion.

Oh cool that should be fun?

Yeah I'm looking forward to what I've got to come I think people with a good/weird sense of humour will love how this journey plays out.

Total get it . Is there room in your project for collabs?

Yes, I'm very interest to do a Chummy in still and stop motion....I just gotta reach out to the man when 'I is no scare' I'm working on a Kenn thingy he doesn't know about yet lol.

Oh Senior Lupe will jump on that . Do you have a favourite artist?

I do, on wax senor Lupe, love his style and just a #1 Bro...My fav old school would be Picasso...John Beckley is amazing and just getting into NFTs.

What's been the best part of your project?

Being able to just create and share...Its taken 30yrs but all them comic book story's and characters I can bring to life and share with the world...sure, if I make a bit a money cool but Wax is built for me to tell my story's .

What's been the hardest part?

Learning Atomichub and working out where to buy Wax...that's it, the creating happened regardless of making it an NFT...but 'Scheme' really? It shouldn't be as confusing as 1st as it is...I got it now, but then it might just be me.

What does your family think of your project?

Lol I've 4 kids (21-30) and they think its cool. The wife don't get it lol...but none are into crypto or NFTs so I'm the black sheep when it comes to NFT/crypto...Art as in painting all very supportive. Not that they don't support me doing what I do, they just cant get the selling a pic of a sculptor.

Have brought anyone into the NFT world?

Not really, I've opened my oldest son up to it, he makes beats and mixes...talking him into doing sound tracks, just sorting things out, but he's keen...both daughters have talent but they not interested atm. Youngest son should be my video editor but he's got his own struggles atm.

If he gets in with his music I can hook him up with a few guys in WAX doing music?

Yeah that's been my main push for him because I know there's good music on WAX...

What you like to do to unwind?

I pretty much a homebody...between the wife ,pets, kids and grandkids its pretty busy...Art is my getaway ,weather painting ,sculpting or drawing, I go in a zone a just alcohol and weed.

Tell us something random about you?

I worked on a furnaces, hardening steel for 20yrs.

Oh cool .

No, not

Where the best place to keep up with your project?

On my twitter

Where can we buy your NFTs?

Best place to go is here...

Any chance of a competition for the readers?:

Sure, drop there wax addy in the comments and we'll pick 4 people to receive a THUGGY.


Gotta spread that THUGGY Love Bro.

Before we finish up is there anything more you would like to add?

Just a big thanks to everyone in the really has been amazing, thank you all.


Cheers mate, I'm a crashing out now...take care and thanks again

You to enjoy the sleep.

Guys drop your WAX address below to win one of 4 NFTs from this artist and please check him out on Twitter.

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Written by   618
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, Artist, Interview, NFT
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