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Values that we can transmit to children for a healthy coexistence

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4 months ago

Photo taken by meCompanionship implies a group feeling and a spirit of cooperation that encourages the child to help, welcome and defend common goals with others. Sharing is the ability to give what we have and to participate. Both are essential for building strong links.

Children must learn to establish true relationships of companionship and friendship and must be aware of the personal commitment that this entails. This way you can learn to be sincerely and honestly involved with others in any type of activity or common goal.

The child must learn to recognize the needs and desires of others. If you take them into account, you will be a better partner and others will also count on you. If you share the wishes and things, you will feel better and it will bring you many benefits.


You must participate in group activities and be able to distribute and share among several thinking of the benefit of all or thinking of others and not only of yourself, wanting the good of all, is the first step to be a good partner.

Although not all playmates and school mates will be friends, your child must understand that together they make up a team or a group or little by little, your child will need to know how to avoid feelings of jealousy or envy.

She must learn to share her affections and her belongings without fear and understand that just as she likes many things equally or loves many people, the affection of others is not exclusive to one person either.

What should we do to achieve fellowship and the ability to share?

My daughter in a share(Photo taken by me)
  • Have the child assume her role of companion and friend with responsibility. If she is part of a group, demand that she fulfill her commitments. For example, show him what happens when in a team game like soccer someone does not do what is expected of him: what can the best player in the world do if the goalkeeper does not do his job?

  • Ask the child what he thinks his friends expect from him or from a situation to get him used to thinking about others. What does like? What does your friend expect you to do? You will notice that he is part of several groups: the family, the class, the theater group.

  • Make up activities together to do in the company of others. Encourage him to participate in your preparation and to think about what each of you can do, knowing what the people you invite like to do and what things you can share with them.

  • Show the child that you can love many people and that not because you love someone a lot you stop loving others. As much as he loves his father, he will not love his mother less: why be jealous? The same thing happens with things: he likes both chocolate and cookies, alike. We are capable of loving several people equally

To put companionship and the ability to share into practice, children must live together.

Living together means living in the company of others. Knowing how to share the same space without disturbing, helping each other, always with respect. Coexistence is a basic element so that you can share and enjoy your life and your personal or professional experiences with others. Children must learn to differentiate between what is collective and what is individual. You have to ask yourself what spaces you should share, what belongs to everyone and which ones are properly yours. Having this idea clear, it will be easier for you to adapt to coexistence.

It is very important that the child learns to use dialogue to avoid conflict. However, when faced with a problem, you must also learn to find solutions to reach agreements.

My son in a share (Photo taken by me)

Another attitude that the child must assimilate is to avoid making judgments and creating negative opinions about others beforehand and without the necessary knowledge. You need to learn to be informed, to analyze the information you have and to develop attitudes and skills that enable you as a critical citizen within the society in which you live.

The child has to accept and recognize that everyone can contribute something to coexistence. The participation and free expression of all is necessary. You must know how to defend your rights without reducing or limiting those of others to achieve a peaceful and quiet coexistence.

To achieve companionship, sharing and coexistence capacities, the ideal is to put empathy into practice, that is, to always put ourselves in the place of another and to understand the feelings and attitudes of others, in what way can we do it?

  • Playing to guess who shares a space or something with. For example, the park, the schoolyard, the living room ... Show the child the possible consequences that selfish attitudes produce in these spaces: dirtying their park, cluttering the room, etc. Encourage him to think and act with the people he shares them with in mind.

  • In a conflict situation, ask each one to present their point of view. Before getting into a discussion, they can, for example, make a list of points of agreement and points of disagreement. Establish negotiations and try to reach agreements based on common points.

  • Make the child listen and respectfully welcome the contributions of others. Take advantage of collective activities to exchange opinions: talk about what others think, find the reasons for your own opinions ...Try to understand others, not judge them.

  • Make sure the child is clear about her obligations so she can fulfill them by making a list if necessary. You must fulfill your duties and thus you can exercise your rights as long as you respect the rights of others. For example, you can listen to music as long as it does not disturb anyone.

As the days go by, the child will understand the importance of accepting others as they are even if they do not agree with them, this will help them deepen the basic aspects of companionship and coexistence.

The education of our children is everyone's job !!!

Thanks for reading my blog 💜💜💜🖐

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Written by   55
4 months ago
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Values, principles, something that has been lost in today's youth.

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4 months ago

You seem to have a lot of experience in bringing up children. If I remember, these are not your children in the photos, are they?

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4 months ago

Greetings photos 2 and 3 are my children in school, different classes. I have 2 children and many children around me, I am very concerned about their upbringing, today the population has lost a lot of values, there is a lack of humanity, solidarity, sincerity, and I consider it very important to recover those values, instill them in the little ones, they are the future.

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4 months ago