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Chapter XXII: Hatching More Spiritual Beast

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To create a perfect plan, I need to do it properly to counter the invader. I know there is something that attracted the cultivator of another world here and even the Heavenly Library don't want to talk.

The Heavenly Library only given me a task to protect this world and even the Law of Dao gave her permission to create that something against the law. So the Heavenly Dao was already know the existence of the Heavenly Library.

Maybe they have own goal, it was to protect the treasure or secret that can able to destroy the universe. I think it was very dangerous if it was fallen to those greedy cultivator.

Lets forget about it, I will first prepare the task that the Heavenly Library that was given to me. It was to create a force that can able to fight the invader. I already create the sect, realm, guardian and the next stage of the plan is to recruit geniuses disciples.

Its time to go outside after I will hatch the next spiritual egg that I will take from Hyacinth.

"Oh master, how is your journey to the Medicine Realm?" Maya ask, because she curious of how her master tamed the prideful dragon; except for Dreg who hatched by her master.

"It doing well, Hyacinth, you are the one will supervise the Quest&Merit Realm right? Mmm the dragon in the Medicine Realm will bring some medicine and fruits, you know how to store it that can protect the qualities of the spiritual energy. For every half year they will deliver it here and you are the one know how to handle it and I will rely to you and in the future."

"And also, I created the Treasury Realm where you can store the best quality of the medicines, fruits, spiritual stones and another treasure. The Treasury Realm was still empty but I let you handle it."

"Considered it is already fulfilled master and thank you for the trust and I will never dissapoint you master." Hyacinth said who was very happy, the only thing she love the most is treasure and this job was really fit to her.

"Here the Treasury Real key, its like the other badge, just drop the blood essence and can able to store it in your consciousness for the protection."

"Yes master."

"How many spiritual egg that you have, I will exchanged it with merits or Monarch Void stone. Or I will give you a scripture that can help you yo manipulate the space and create another dimension where you can able to store some of your important treasure. This scripture was from of your ancestor but it was lost in the war of universe. What do you think?"

"Master, do you really have that scripture, so the scripture that I have was fake, that's why I can't able to comprehend it."

"Yeah I have it, I already comprehend the scripture because I comprehend the Dao of Space. Besides for your innate talent of space, to those who have already reached the second stage of Dao, they easily learned and comprehend the scripture. Can I see the scripture in your belonging?"

"Ah yes master, here."

"This scripture was not fake but incomplete. You can only manipulate a small of space and create a dimension as the same size of regular storage ring."

"So that's why. I only created a dimension bit by bit, so I can able to expand the dimension."

"What do you think? It's fair to exchanged for the spiritual eggs the scripture I have?"

"Of course master, I really love to learned it and it was also my ancestor created by their own blood. Mmm what kind of spiritual eggs that you want master?"

"Oh that's good to hear. I want the Phoinex, Vermillion Bird, Thousand Eye Spider, Fenrir, Minautor, Golden Rooster, Black Tortoise, Heavenly Tiger, Adarna, Smilodon, Unenlagia, Sinornithosauros, Cryolophosauros, Microraptor, Golden Void Frog, Zanabazar, Guanlong, Golden Rox, Kingkong,Golden Rat, Godzilla and Onyx."

When Hyacinth heard it, she was paled. She think that her master take advantage of her lacking. But to think about it, when she will learned the scripture that created of ancestor, it was fair exchanged.

And even Maya and Bambei was feel pity to Hyacinth who take advantage of her weakness, but they don't show it because they don't know what there master thinking.

"Don't worry, I will give you one million merits and five Monarch Void Stone."

"No no no master, I don't want to take advantage of you." She was ashamed to say that she want it, she thought that her master was take advantage of her weakness.

And even Maya and Bambei was shocked, they never thought that their cunning master was given those benefits.

"Mmm just accept it as my gifts to you. In the future, I will also need your help."

After a year, he already hatched all the spiritual egg and assign each of them for the realm he created. His sea of consciousness was expand hundred times and become sturdier. The reason is, those spiritual egg was a mythical beast that already exist since the created of universe.

Guardian Realm - Nine Tails Fox(Gumiho), Archon

Auction House Realm- Guanlong

Alchemy Realm- Blue Pheonix, Chemeia

Forge and Crafting Realm- Minautor, Kraft

Assassin Realm- Blue moon Nether Cat(Moana), Shin

Beast Tamer Realm- Black Tortoise, Canis

Guest Realm- Heavenly Tiger, Zodias

Culinary Realm- Golden Rooster, Culina, Tza

Mortal World- Unenlagia

Prison Realm- Fenrir, Goliath

Poison Realm- Thousand Eye Spider, Ydra

Library Realm- Kingkong, Frank

Ghost Realm- Cryolophosauros, Heda

Arena Realm- Smilodon, Hercules

Formation & Array Realm- Sinornithosauros, Stella

Illusion Realm- Vermillion Bird

Art Realm- Adarna, Piccaso, Kyle, Don

Quest&Merit Realm- Void Dragon(Dreg), Hyacinth, Steizen

Blood Realm- Zanabazar

Demon Realm- Godzilla

Treasury Realm- Microraptor

Medicine Realm- Frost Dragon(snow), Hydragon(water), Bone Dragon(Mountain), Forest Dragon, Fire Dragon(Volcano area), Wind Dragon(sky area), Sand Dragon, Poison Dragon.

Merchant Realm- Merc, Golden Roc

Necromancy Realm- Nekys, Golden Void Frog

Puppetry Realm- Puppa, Onyx

Explorer Realm- Mys, Golden Rat

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Written by   153
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