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Chapter XX: The Eight Dragons

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Since ancient times, those who van easily create the realm within their power was an entity that standing in the top. A cultivator who ruled the sky and the land, so even they are the true dragon, they don't want to become enemy of this being.

And the most shocking is his dragon companion that can easily suppress thier bloodline. Whatever how they rack their brain they can't find the conclusion of who was this entity.

The ancestor was sacrifice their life in the ancient time to create an formation and array to isolated the Blue World in the universe. And the most complicated things is, even a cultivator discover this world, they can't descend in this planet; unless this entity was born from this world and this was a good news for them.

If their guess was correct, either this entity have a good intention, they don't have ability to fight or repel this cultivator. Even they sacrifice their life, they don't have chance to have victory in the end.

They only hope that this entity have a good intention and didn't bring calamity to this world. An existence that they don want to confront. There still vivid memories that wake up them in the ancient times battlefield. A strong cultivator who only know how to kill even the million mortal don't have chances to lives.

At ancient times, the Blue World was full of battlefield everywhere and even in the sky and universe. The greed of the enemy that wanted to conquer in this world was unstoppable and the innocents died don't have chances to fight.

The ancestor of Blue World, sacrifice themselves to have a slide victories and they create planned a long term plan for this world to have sufficient time to prepare when the enemy will come again.

The dragon knows about this occurrence that shock the universe. If this entity was not from those era, the will relieved. The live here to guard the precious medicines and fruits for the future generation development.

"We greet the master and the ancestor." The dragons said in unison who was still fear of the sudden visits of this two.

'If I'm not wrong, this man was the one who isolated this Medicine Garden and create the realm. He is so young but why this kind of cultivator have terrifying power exist. I don't know if it's a blessing or disaster.' The Frost Dragon said in deep thoughts.

"Oh no need to polite. We will become companion soon, I know you are curious abd anxious why I'm here and who is this beside with me."

"I brought Dreg here to have planned to sparred with you, but I never thought the guardian dragon here will hide thier tails."

When the dragon heard this word, they are furious but they didn't take action. If they do, they are only seeking their deaths, but still they are very scared. Who want to spar with the ancestor if their bloodline was suppress. Even the ancestor didn't move, they don't have chance victory.

"You must joking master, how we can able to fight the ancestor." The Hydragon said.

"Oi Dreg, they said your are strong, do you want to spar with me?"

Dreg the Void Dragon was scared when he heard this and he reply: "Master, you must be joking, how can able to fight with you, I don't have chance at all."

"Oh, why did you say that, we don't know the outcome if we didn't fight. Ok enough with the chitchat, by the way, why we are here?"

The dragon was anxious and don't know what to say. Even their ancestor was afraid to their master. And they thought ' what do you mean you forgot of what reason of your visit here!'

"Oh I remember now, in this island, the eight of you was the strongest dragon who guard the Medicine Garden. And I know you hide your child in your lair, but I didn't cover your child but the eight of you. Don't worry, if you give consent to create contract with you, I will protect your dragon race and Dreg will become your leader. If your cultivation become stagnant, you can ask him for advise if you wanted to progress. Of course, I will give you a viewpoint for your cultivation, I know some dragon cultivation. It's only depend on your performances."

"We give you consent master." The dragon said in unison.

Even if they don't give him a consent, they know it will bring paid to them. The master only look young and innocences, but deep inside it was a terrible monster. So why seeking pain and if the kind of entity said something, the only thing they do is to believe. The being like their master didn't need to lie, even the words was full cunning.

They know, if they follow their master, it will bring opportunity to them and in the future. They believe that their master don't have ill-intention but they don't know what he was planning. The only thing they need to do is to obey and give their full abilities for their performances.

They already stuck in their cultivation and needed guidances for their progress and the most fit to ask for advice is their ancestor or master. Even though, their are rare medicine and fruits in the Medicine garden, its still enough for their cultivation progress.

"The eight of you have corresponding duty, just write the list of all the planted in this Medicine Garden; no less no exceed."

"Yes master." The eight said in unison.

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Written by   153
3 months ago
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The text was huge and took a long time to read. But I learned something very important from your writing. Interesting article, have a nice day..

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