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Chapter 27: The Explorer Family

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In the end of the month, their was new erected structure that resemblance of the Guardian Palace while in the side was have two huge and tall skeleton warrior statue that holding spear like they are ready to fight in the battlefield.

To the center of the structure was have a pool with full of vitality and essence of heavenly treasure. It was created for the skeletal being to wash their to temper their bones.

In the center of the skeleton statue where found the arena where skeleton warrior will practices and duel. And also their was a training ground for the skeletal swordman, spear, archer and even for the mages skeletal.

And the last important structure that only found in the inside of skeleton statue was the Skeleton Library where all the scripture about the practices of the immortal skeleton where found.

He was created it, so the skeletal being where can able to protect themselves against to those who covet the crystal core in their body. He also left the 'Void Skeletal Tempered Body', to protects its own core. The crystal core of the skeletal beings was equivalent to the meridian of the human cultivator or spiritual beast core and monster beast core.AaA

He also give the guardian of Skull Island, the badge token, indicating that he was the the protector of this island and he can also access the teleportation array.

He was also give instruction to the guardian to create his own army and it must have strong bone and didn't afraid to perish in the battlefield. They must always prepare to fight and defend their own territory against the invader.

The skeleton warrior will have also access to wander in the Maharlica Continent for their own experience and finding their own opportunity and they can also attend to the academy if they wanted.

'They are part of my territory so I have a reason to give them opportunity to progress and to ascend to higher level. Having ability to grasp new knowledge that I the only one that can give to them so they become loyal to the Guardian Sect.'

The most interesting that happen in the Skull Island, it was turn into a realm and there was no void rift that can found in this realm. So no one can able enter in this place if they don't have access or the guardian didn't give them permission to enter.

The skeletal beings and human cultivator was shocked because of the change of Skull island, it look like a new small world that slowly accumulating energy from the void and transform it and become vitality to force create new organism.

Maybe after ten years, the skeleton cultivator will improve their life or their realm. At that time, I can choose a skeleton warrior to become member of the Guardian Sect.

After the preparation, he lead the survivor of human cultivator who was accidentally entered in the void rift. Starting today, no one can able to enter the realm and it was created without flaw.

The Xiao Manor was near in the seaside, since it was goal was to find the legendary Maharlica Continent. Now the master was accompany the patriarch to meet the other member of Xiao family, their only one dream were really come true.

"Patriarch, if you want to leave this place and you wanted to start a new life in my continent you must convince you family member that they must sever their connection in the outside world. Once you already set foot in the Maharlica Continent, you can never go out, unless you are willing to become part of Guardian Explorer. You can able to go outside the world, to discover new things that the mankind didn't know. Even in the universe, you have a chance to ascend to new higher lever."

"Thank you master for the opportunity, I consider it, it was done."

"That's good, if you are willing to earn merits, your family must work hard and so their job according to my instruction. You don't have to worry about the money and even cultivation resources; the Guardian Sect was willing to distribute it to your team. Okay, you can go now, I will be waiting for your good news."

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