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Chapter 23: Rapier, The First Disciple

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Now its time to summon my disciple, the meeting place will be the small kingdom between the border of Maharlica Continent and the Empyrean Continent. It was called Mist Kingdom and it was neutral territory.

The people who live there was good at the way of illusion and they also take advantage the mist that never fade. Even the Empyrean royal family wanted to invade this small kingdom but they loss half of million soldier before they reach the center of the Mist Kingdom.

It was written in the history of Empyrean Continent and the royal family swear that they never foot their live here.

After the battle, the Mist Kingdom cultivator decided to strengthen the fortress and the illusion. They take advantage the mist and comprehend it so they can able to control and manipulate.

I live their almost five years when the royal family cultivator chased me and the Mist Kingdom cultivator save my life. It's because I owed them my life, I passed down an profound illusion scripture to them that even the Void realm cultivator will be trap in this illusion. I have my own residence there where I started to recruit my disciple.

At the time I give them task, I also gave them the token with my own aura; so when the time they arrive at the border of the Mist Kingdom, the cultivator will easily identify that they are my own disciple.

"Maya, Bambei, Moana and Pitu (Golden Roc) will accompany me to the Mist Kingdom to meet my disciple. While the others will do your own job to protect the realm I distributed to the each of you. By the way, Hyacinth, I can't bring because their is a chance that your pursuer will detect your presence. To avoid any inconvenience, the best thing you need to do is to cultivate and raise your level. At the time those pursuer will be in front of you, you can able to fight with them, toe to toe."

"Yes master, we will live at your expectation and we will neve let you down."

"That's good."

"Moana, you are the greatest mythical assassin so you need to hide your presence and protect as, wile Pitu will be the mount."

"We understand master."

"Ok lets go, I already restore the teleportation array and upgrade to the highest level for to easy to travel in the void. The teleportation array at the border of Maharlica Continent was still function; the only that was disadvantage is, it was still not upgraded but there are no problem, I can easily bypass it with my Dao of Space"

In the midst of the coldest place, there was a man who contemplated with cold and continuing to harness his body and the Dao of Sword. He was wake up when the talisman was vibrating in his consciousness sea.

"At last, it's very long time when master was summon as, my disciple, pack up your things and we will meet my master."

"Yes master."

He was Rapier, Xion first disciple and also who comprehend the Dao of Sword. He was have three disciple who have innate talent in the way of sword.

'I wonder how strong my master, I hope I can able to exchange with him with one move. I already wanted to meet master but I don't know where he was, now that I can able to meet him again, I will ask him about my cultivation. Whatever I don, I can't able to progress and only master can help me. So I focus my whole time to teach disciple.'

'I also miss my fellow disciple, I wonder how there cultivation level and Shin was among the geniuses of my fellow disciple. At that time, even I have the highest cultivation level, its still hard to defeat him and now that master let him wonder in the world, I think he was the strongest and I'm not his opponent now.

Shin was have innate talent of shadow and he comprehend the the way of shadow and even master was praise him because of his talent. I really envy, but every being was have own destiny.

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