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Corcolon-Monte Maria-Beach View

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9 months ago

Hello guys i just want to share what happen on may first trip this September our destination is first is Corcolon then Monte Maria and last si Beach.

Corlon Lomi House-is the famous Lomi House in Batanggas Philippines, lomi is a soup dish you can put anything you want flavor as a toppong here's my order.On the left side the menu is lomi with pork liempo its really tender juicy while tou eating the Pork. And the other side is lomi with lechon. The lechon topping is very crispy and delicious,the continent is soy sause with chili and calamansi.

Next destination is Monte Maria, I dont knoe what story behide Monte Marie but many motor rider comes here to see the Big Mama Maria.All ridera goes here just to see maria and take photo.

And our last destination is beach, we rides and search for beach that there no other. We taking photo eating ang swimming.

Beach are so many stone,stone coral creef,shells, different shape stone. The sea is so clear and dont have sand.

And last before go home we wait 5pm tontravel again. I home you like some photos guys.

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9 months ago
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