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'' Coffee Jelly Delight''

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8 months ago

Perfect for warm afternoons, this coffee-flavored jelly and icy cream dessert will tickle your tastebuds. Try this Coffee Jelly Delight recipe!


For the jelly:

90g pack

unflavored gulaman

1 tbsp


1 ½

cups water

¼ cup

brown sugar

For the sauce:

1 pack nestle cream all purposes 250ml

½ cup

condensed milk

3 cups

shaved ice


  1. Dissolve gulaman and coffee in water over low heat. Add sugar and continue stirring until completely dissolved.

  2. Transfer on a mold and refrigerate until set. Slice and set aside.

  3. Combine the nestle cream all purposes with condensed milk and shaved ice. Mix well.

  4. Add jelly and serve immediately.

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8 months ago
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