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Electron Cash SLP/BCH Noncustodial Decentralized Exchange Plugin flipstarter

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1 month ago

I'm a big fan of SLP project, who can resist the easiness and low fees of minting/spending/moving of SLP token. However there was a catch, very few options to exchange it. No want to create the most awesome token to find that There are very limited options to sell it, however you can change that with support to this Eelectron Cash SLP plugin.

@OPReturn a smart Python and JS developer with experience in BCH and SLP smart contracts have offered to build it for 16 BCH.

Flipstarter Link:

Illustration of the plugin


A Noncustodial decentralized way to exchange SLP tokens to BCH and the other way around. A plugin for EC SLP version that will allow you to trade any SLP token with BCH. Everything including the order book will be on the blockchain. No centralized servers. You will be able to list any token you hold to sell or request to buy. Exchanges are instant no need to wait for confirmation time. They're normal transactions. Zero fees, You only pay transaction fees. people will be able to see your offers from inside the plugin, no need for 3rd party exchange or listing.

Main features

  • Exchange between SLP token and BCH

  • List any token

  • Decentrilzed

  • Open source

  • Onchain order book

  • Instant exchange, 0-conf

  • Zero listing fees


No direct exchange between SLP tokens due to limitations of the SLP protocol(Each transaction can contain only one token), BCH should be the other pair.

About the Developer

@OPReturn is a python and JS software developer with experience in BCH and SLP smart contracts. He is working with the SLP foundation on Post Office server development and on its' integration with Electron Cash SLP.

Developer Achivement

Blockhack 2020

His SLPEC project won two awards in the hackathon. SLPEC, a full functioning user-friendly trustless jobs escrow application that works on SLP employing cutting edge technology like SLP's Post Office Protocol, BIP 70,'s Link and smart contracts to create a fully functional trustless DAPP with no gas fees. read more:

Working on the SLP Post office

OPReturn is wokring with the SLP Foundation on the SLP Post office that allow you to move SLP tokens without need for gas. More info about his work:

Development time

Plugin should be built in maximum period of two months after the funding completion

Verifying OPReturn's Work

I've verified his work on the SLP post office with Jt Freeman and James Cramer. Here you can see his commits to the SLP post office and the Electron Cash SLP version

Contact info

For additional information you can contact us on the Reddit and post for this flipstarter and you can contact the developer directly on Telegrapluginpluginm: @OPReturn

Other Project to ease SLP exchange

I've worked with multiple parties to and run a filpstarter to fund creating PoC tests for SLP support on AtomicDEX exchange. After the project was funded and test were done Komodo team promised to post an offer to support SLP wallets first then to support SLP exchange.

$ 6.16
$ 3.83 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 1.22 from @molecular
$ 0.60 from @F.B.
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Written by   22
1 month ago
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This is a very large ambitious thing to do, you know. I think it's best to do it really well.

Hopefully, this can also use's token exchange so we can finally do exchanges without using the website.

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1 month ago

This is really cool. If I understand correctly, this is essentially a protocol to post sell orders of SLP on the bch blockchain? This would also mean that the EC plugin is essentially a browser (and create the proper tx for purchasing the sell orders) that a web interface could replicate in the same decentralized way?

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1 month ago