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Our Past.

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Written by Ā Ā 46
3 weeks ago

Yes . The past .
Our Past .

I can not go out of myself, I can not do like a good writer, or like a personal writer.
The only thing that I want is to write my thoughts, to express my feelings, to say what I have inside of my mind , to let my mind be free from my thoughts.

We all have feelings, we all have our lifes , we all have different experiences, we all have desires, we all have memories and we all have our past .

We also have good memories that makes us feel happy when we go back and when we think about them, but we also have the bad ones.
One of my flaws, or one of my bad things I will say is that I think to much, i go back to my past life, to my memories and my bad moments, or the mistakes that i made makes me feel so sad.

I have said in one of my posts that maybe Iā€™m so strong for passing my problems but also Iā€™m so weak for throwing them away.
Iā€™m so weak because they always will come into my mind again and they always will try to bother me .

I know that all is on my mind, I know that this is my problem and i need to go forward and not to look back at all those things that makes me feel bad .
But is so hard to forget some things...!

This is a photo taken by me and edited by me .

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In my own opinion, our past will always be a part of us. I'd say don't totally forget your past or pretend that it didn't happen. Use your past to motivate you and do better today. Use it to inspire you to keep moving to make a better future for yourself.

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3 weeks ago

I know Mary Jane i will never forget it but I will try to move forward in my life. Thank you so much ā¤ļø

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3 weeks ago