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Proposed goals for 2021 with BCH

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4 months ago

For a long time we have experienced a crisis in my country, both social and economic, an immense health crisis, values ​​have been lost in both children and adults.

 Society lives from day to day, the salaries are not even enough to cover the breakfast of 1. the salaries are below $ 1. To be able to subsist they have had to undertake many empirically other professional ones. Their life project depends on each person to get ahead as part of a parallel Venezuela. Because I say a parallel Venezuela, because it is a Venezuela, where it is accepted that the Bolivar is totally devalued, that we cannot depend on a salary from the state, nor on the policies that they want us to follow.

Although long before there was a crisis, due to super inflation, due to problems of antivalues ​​of society, after the Covid-19 arrived it has become much more acute. The government continues to place restrictions, but when it comes to its policy there are no restrictions that are worth it, but for production, for working and for each individual to get ahead there is always a but.

 This has led us to all have less freedom to walk, to work freely, that is where technology comes in, and the advances of social networks. One door is closed to us, others are opened.

 Well our currency is super devalued, because they try other options such as using currencies in this case dollars, and it turns out that there are also problems because even to get dollars in cash is a problem, that if they are ugly, that they are old, that they are bent, that are wrinkled, and so thousands of bars, thousands of because it is there where we have a solution, the use of the decentralized monetary system.

 For me, the use of Bitcoin Cash, which in this case is a decentralized, fast, safe and reliable currency, is the best option that I can recommend to my friends, neighbors, relatives, and people in general, to provide them with financial freedom.

 My teachings to close people have been empirical, and a bit informal, since I do not have enough financial capacity (lack of equipment) to take this much further.

But among my goals for this year 2021, I have proposed to achieve the adoption of businesses, of people, with Bitcoin Cash, attracting new users for the Noise.Cash platform and for Read.Cash, which have undoubtedly been everything a success, and I know they will continue much more. The more transactions we have, the better it will be!

Creating the culture of BitcoinCash is not so easy, but neither is it impossible and I know that when we least imagine them we will be in every place, place, local.

 Noise.Cash has turned many upside down ... new project where day by day there are new updates that make it better every day.

 Read.Cash, teaching us more every day ...!

 I hope I can count on your support to carry out one of my proposed goals for this 2021 with BitcoinCash.

 Congratulations @MarcDeMesel @RogerVer @georgedonnelly

 May the successes continue with BitcoinCash

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Written by   41
4 months ago
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