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An unemployed professional.

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An unemployed professional woke up one morning and checked his pocket. All he had left was 100.00mt He decided to use them to buy food and wait for the time to die, since he was too proud to beg.

He was so frustrated that he couldn't find a job and he had no one available to help him.

He bought his food and while he sat down to eat, an elder and two small children approached him and asked for food, since they had not eaten in almost a week. The professional stopped looking at them.

they were so thin that their bones were visible and their eyes had sunk into their faces. With the last bit of compassion he had left, he gave them his only food.

The elder and the children prayed that God would give him blessings and prosperity, and gave him a very old coin in thanksgiving.

the young professional told them:

"You need this prayer more than I do."

Without money, jobs and food, the young man went under a bridge to rest and wait for death.

He was about to fall asleep when he saw an old newspaper on the floor. He picked it up and suddenly read an ad that told those with old coins to take them to a certain address.

He decided to go to that place with the old coin. When he arrived at the address, he gave the coin to evaluate the merchant. the merchant shouted and took out a large book and showed the young man a photo.

It was the same coin, whose value was 3 million dollars.

The young man was very touched while the merchant gave him a $ 3 million bank note. he collected the money and went to get the elder with the children.

When he got to where he left them to eat, they were gone. He asked the owner of a nearby canteen if they knew them. The owner said no, but they had left him a message. he quickly opened the letter thinking that they would leave how to find them.

This was what the message said:

«You gave us everything you had and we rewarded you with the same coin.

As: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit ».

In conclusion

Now Prayer:

This is your financial blessing!

It is a simple prayer, it has 30 seconds. If you need a financial blessing, keep reading this message.

Glorious Father, generous and loving God, I pray that you will abundantly bless my Family and Me. I believe You know that a Family is more than just a father, mother, brothers, husband and wife, but that we are all Family and we believe in You. Father, I raise this prayer asking for a financial blessing not only for the person who sent this to me, but for Me and everyone who broadcast this message around and that the power of our united prayers will work for those who believe and trust You. 🙏🙏🙏

Close your left hand (don't open)

Now make 3 wishes




Have you done as required?

Then look at your hand. Say "AMEN" if you believe...



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Written by   55
2 months ago
Topics: Life, Story, Writing, Money, Experiences, ...
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Amen!!!....nice one bro, people who do good will always be blessed.

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2 months ago

Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my article dear....

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1 month ago