Why you're missing Bitcoin/BCH most revolutionary features.

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3 years ago

Hi guys I wants to update you on Bitcoin/Bitcoin cash features you fall to understand.

With Bitcoin price exploding ,you may think it's about to go mainstram.

Finally the blockchain will have it's day and everybody will realize the amazing power of open ,premission, financial networks and censorship-resistant money systems.fiat oppression will return ,let freedom ring.

It sounds good to me and others right.

Bitcoin!!! It's not about the money everyone thinks Bitcoin is about money in one sense ,it's in another sense ,it's about something much deep trust.


With Bitcoin ,you can trust you will get the result you expect without a Central authority . you can safely transact with millions of people who you have never met, with whom you have no relationship ,who lives in a country with different laws and regulations.

In fact Bitcoin/Bitcoin cash does not just revolutionize money ,it revolutionizes trust.I think that makes a great sense of humor.

If you can trust Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash,you don't need to trust people


This is not the first time a new technology , went beyond human comprehension.

Electricity had the same problem when it was first harnessed into a functional power generator.

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3 years ago