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“Why are you rubbing your hands like this? But I am feeling uncomfortable, ”said Rohini , with a soft voice.

"Has the left side of your waist ever been cut off?" Nilay asked in a serious voice.

“Nowhere! All of a sudden? "

"As far as I know, there is a cut mark here. I can't even understand because of the darkness. "

Rohini suddenly thought of something and said, “It's nothing! Move your hand from there. Not feeling well. "

Nilay frowned and said, “My curiosity is growing. I can't move my hand. "

Rohini grabbed Nilay's hand with her left hand. Pulling his hand from his waist, he placed it on his cheek. Then he said, “Listen, you don't have to see these now. Later our lives will be ruined. "

He frowned and took a deep breath and said, “Why? But now my curiosity has increased a thousand times more than before. This time I will leave after seeing. "

Nilay left the bed and lit the lamp in the room. He came to Rohini and saw her with a swollen face. He realized that Rohini was a little angry. He stared into Rohini's eyes for a while. A smile appeared on his face.

In a soft voice he said, “Mayawati! "

Rohini said in a slightly angry voice, “Don't talk to me. "

Nilay looked at Rohini's waist to satisfy her curiosity without frowning at Rohini's anger. It's a bit like a burn. But to him it doesn't look like a burn.

Nilay kissed the spot and asked Rohini, "What is the stain?"

"I do not know. How do I know it's gone? "

"When was it cut?"

Hearing the question, Rohini's anger increased. He sat up, pushed Nilay away with a push.

“Where is the devil? Dili ruined the bus! "

Rohini angrily slapped Nilay on the cheek. Nilay stared at Rohini's face in astonishment.

Nilay sat silently without saying anything. Today they got married. Good night! The two have known each other for a long time. In fact, love is marriage. Nilay has been able to realize Rohini as far as! That is, he knows that Rohini is very angry. Like a ball of aquatic fire. And Nilay likes such an angry girl. Rohini has a habit of beating her hands. So far, he has slapped Rohini more than a hundred times. Experienced in slapping. But one of the things Rohini likes best! That is, he calmed down shortly after he got angry. In an instant, his anger disappeared. Then again he apologizes very nicely.

She is sitting with her hands on her blue cheeks. Rohini is staring at the blue again and again. After a couple of minutes, Rohini looked at Neel.

He said in a soft voice, “Sorry. I was a little angry. "

Nilay sat down with her hands on her cheeks without saying anything. Rohini removed her hand from Nilay's cheek and kissed him on the cheek.

"Nilay, let go of your anger this time."

Nilay said with a big smile, "When did I get angry?"

"It's a mess."

"I am turning off the light in the room. "

"Come on."



It was about two o'clock at night.

Suddenly Rohini became frightened.

“Please don't touch there. I'm in pain. "

Nilay removed his hand from his back. The same mark on Rohini's waist that she felt with her hands a while ago is the same mark she has just felt on her back. Rohini got frightened as soon as she touched the spot.

Nilay did not ask Rohini any question. She hugged him tightly and lay down quietly.

Going back to sleep, Rohini noticed that Nilay was not sleeping next to her. Both eyes blinked and opened. His vision became dim, slowly becoming clear. He saw Niloy sitting in a chair next to the table right next to him. He is flipping through the computer keyboard. Slowly he sat up. Addressing Nilay, Rohini said, “When did you get up? "

"It's been an hour."

"What do you do with that computer?"


“Mr. Poet! Can't you live a day without writing? "

Nilay looked back at Rohini and smiled a little. When I became a poet, I had to write every day.

“Why? What happens if I don't write? "

“I can't live a day without getting drunk! This addiction is more complicated than drug addiction. Drug addiction treatment can be done by going to the center. But there is no cure for this addiction, so it is not possible. "

"Yes, I understand. No problem, I'm not here now! I'll get drunk. "

"It's half past seven. Get fresh. Then you have to be ready again. "

“Oops! This marriage is not really a problem godown! Today the people of the father's house will come. Again, there are aunts in the whole neighborhood. Come, see and hear the various piercing words again. Annoying! "

Nilay smiled a little. Rohini got angry and said, “Don't pull out your teeth at all. Being angry. "

"Go to the bathroom and pour water on your head."

It's a little late in the evening. Nilay is sitting in a chair with coffee in the verandah. Rohini called from behind and said, “What happened? I think the coffee is cold! What are you thinking so much about? "

"I'm thinking of a story."

"What's the story about?"

“Fiction. I have seen some documents related to Pentagram on the net. How mysterious the pictures with star marks and eye marks in the middle look to me. So I'm thinking of writing a story! What do you say? "

Saying that, Nilay turned around and looked back. Rohini is distracted and thinking something.

Nilay said softly, “Rohini! "

Rohini chuckled and said, “Yes! What do you mean, you know? "

Nilay got up, left the coffee mug in the chair and walked towards Rohini. Putting both hands on Rohini's shoulders, Nilay said, "You have never been such a thoughtful girl before! What happened suddenly? Are you worried about anything? "

Rohini hesitated a bit and said, "Nowhere!"

Nilay looked Rohini in the eye and said, “I have known Rohini for a year. When I look at him, I understand what his condition is like! Something is bothering you. You want to tell me something! But you are hesitant. "

Rohini said with a fixed gaze, "How do you understand so much?"

Changing the context of Nilay's words, he said, “Poets always have a sharp vision. Seeing the external condition, they understand the inner condition in the world of their mind. Just a few touches and glances are enough for poets to realize the inside. "

Nilay takes it further. But Rohini tied him up and said, “And the world of their minds is mysterious, imaginary! They are confined in the abyss of fairy tales. Thought consciousness is somewhat different from ordinary people. In general they look extraordinary. Little by little they are fascinated. "

Nilay lowered his left eyebrow a little and said, "Wow!"

Rohini smiled and said, “I understand you too, poet. Got it! The coffee is getting cold. Eat. "

Rohini left. He picked up the mug of coffee from the blue chair and sat down on the chair. With a few sips of coffee, he began to think, “For now, it's better not to force Rohini. He has left his family and moved to a new environment, so maybe he is a little distracted. Maybe I miss my family. If something serious happens he will tell me on his own.

In the evening I went to the editor's address to submit the manuscript.

“Today I saw you writing different kinds of stories. The editor said addressing Nilay.

"Yes, I have a ghost in my head now. Don't look! So this time I wrote about digging graves. "

“I can see that. The story of the horrific consequences of body theft. "

"If the perpetual sleep of the fragile corpses buried three and a half hands deep in the ground is disturbed, the consequences will be dire. If they are deprived of peaceful sleep, they will have to receive a horrible gift. "

"What do you have to do to write such a story?"

“Bones under the pillow! Or put some cement powder in a cement cast royal tomb! You will see a terrible story coming to mind. ”Nilay laughed.

“Mister, listening to your intelligence has ruined my hobby! "



"Is the work over?" Rohini asked as soon as she pushed the door and entered the blue.

"Yes!" Said Nilay as he entered the room. Before Rohini could say anything, Nilay said, "Do you know a good way to get a poet son-in-law?"


"The son-in-law stays at home for forty hours."

Rohini laughed and said, “What? You stay in front of the computer for twelve hours. "

"I'm still in front of my eyes."

The blue went away to be fresh. Nilay is the editor of two magazines and publishes books. The day is spent on the income from this. Dad is in government service. After retirement he is now getting pension. Behind them, Nilay does not have a cost, which is his own. They stay in a rented house with three rooms. Nilay has no younger siblings, so there is no tension. His life without worries! He is earning freely. Who is more at peace than him? Nilay thinks of himself as a happy man.



Late night. The whole city is silent. A couple of cars are moving along the road with a squeaking noise. The sound of the road rubbing against the wheels of speeding cars is annoying. If a person who has lived in the village for a lifetime comes to the city, this word will make him angry in a second.

As soon as Nilay turned his hand to his side, he saw that his right side was empty. As he fell asleep, Nilay started moving his hand from side to side, he started looking for Rohini. But not finding Rohini by her side, Nilay slowly opened her eyes. Rohini is standing in front of the giant mirror of the dressing table on the right side. In the dim light of the dream light of the room, Nilay saw that Rohini was not wearing any clothes. She is trying to look at her back in the mirror. Looking at the scars on the back. As soon as Rohini touched her hand on the cut mark on her back, the cut marks started slowly becoming fiery. Seeing the scene, a soft growl came out of Nilay's throat.



Nilay woke up. He is lying tall. Rohini is lying on her right side. Nilay was a little surprised.

“Was I dreaming then? Rohini is lying next to me. Then what I saw a little while ago must be a dream. Oops! I'm thinking a little too much about the cut marks on Rohini's back and waist. "

He closed his blue eyes and fell asleep again. Lying on the right side of the blue, Rohini's eyes are fixed on the mirror. He is awake, looking in the mirror with a black eye .

To be Contined....

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